3D shaped automotive center panel shown in the Embedded World 2018 Conference

3D center panel

Canatu, Cypress Semiconductor Corp and NISSHA Corporation are jointly demonstrating a truly 3D shaped automotive center panel this week in the Embedded World 2018, Germany.

The demonstrator at the Cypress Semiconductors Corp’s booth shows, how a 3D shaped center panel can fit to a sleek interior, being discretely black until lit. Thus, the interior can be planned from the design point of view without limitations.

When the functions are needed, the driver finds them easily blindly with the help of intuitive 3D shapes and user interface. It decreases the driver distraction due to minimal need to look at the controls to find them – ensuring increased safety during the driving.  The 3D touch surface includes grooved sliders, convex shaped control buttons as well as a transparent dome shape multitouch area with LED matrix display.

The center panel demonstrates the extreme stretchability of Canatu CNB™ films and sensors. The CNB film and touch sensor themselves are fully transparent. They have been bonded to the deco printed cover lens, in order to create discrete interiors – at the same time, LED lights being visible when needed. The CNB film and sensors are thermoformed to 3D shapes, where the thick cover lens creates a robust surface for demanding automotive environments.

The demonstrator has been done as a joint project between Canatu, Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and NISSHA Corporation.

More information:

Embedded world 2018, Nuremberg, Germany 27.2.-1.3.2018, Cypress Semiconductor Corp., Hall 4A / 4A-148, https://www.embedded-world.de/en

Marketing Director, Katja Mälkki, +358 50 594 1776, katja.malkki@canatu.com

Photos: https://canatu.materialbank.net/NiboWEB/p/scpc/3107542/673719/en

Cypress Semiconductor Corp http://www.cypress.com/about-cypress

Nissha Printing of Japan http://www.nissha.com/english/