Founder of Canatu, Professor Esko Kauppinen, is the first Finnish recipient of the UNESCO Nanosciences Medal

Esko Kauppinen receives UNESCO medal
© Esko Kauppinen/Aalto

Professor Esko Kauppinen received on the 22nd November the UNESCO Nanosciences Medal in France, among 9 other researchers. All of the awardees are established leaders in their fields, and Esko Kauppinen is the first Finn to receive the medal. The award was presented to Esko Kauppinen in recognition of his significant contributions to the development of nanosciences and nanotechnologies. Esko Kauppinen’s research focuses on carbon nanomaterials and carbon nanobuds, and he has published approximately 150 research articles in these fields. Canatu origins from the Aalto University’s Nanomaterials Group, where Esko Kauppinen and his research group studied carbon nanotubes – and actually the name Canatu comes from this material studied.

Canatu congratulates Esko Kauppinen!

Read the full announcement at the Aalto University site.


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