New Factory Opening

20th November 2019 | Vantaa, Finland

Canatu’s new factory was opened on the 20th November 2019 in Vantaa, Finland. The new factory has room to increase the manufacturing capacity 150 times compared to old Konala factory. In the new factory, Canatu introduced the new automated CNB film production line and one of the Finland’s largest clean rooms. Canatu has several design wins which will lead to mass production according to our customers’ product plans. The first mass production case started in 2015.

The ceremony consisted of festive keynote speeches, Canatu demos, delicious lunch and good discussions.

Kai Mykkänen, Parliament Member and Chief of the Parliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party held the keynote speech after which the Factory was officially opened.

The ribbon was cut by Mr. Mykkänen, Sami Lampinen (Chairman of the board) and Juha Kokkonen (Canatu CEO), while Erkki Soininen (COO), Ari Pesonen (Facility and Maintenance Manager) and Janne Haajanen (Production Manager) held the ribbon.

Juha Kokkonen told the stroy of Canatu from University via Lab (that is the previous Konala factory) to Fab (the new, automated factory).

Mr. Matteo Biglia,  Thermal Systems R&D Director from DENSO Thermal Europe Center presented DENSO Corporation’s outlook on the future of automotive industry.

Reijo Kangas, Executive Director Growth Companies from Business Finland, told about the cooperation of Canatu and Business Finland and congratulated Canatu for the new factory.

We also received wonderful video greetings from Mr. Ville Skinnari, Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade.

The house was full of Canatu’s partners and customers. A heartful thank you for everyone who has made this amazing journey possible!