Canatu Secures a Flexible On-Cell Touch Project with Moisture Barrier Integration

Canatu, the leading manufacturer of next-generation flexible and 3D formable transparent conductive films and touch sensors, has secured its latest design win from an innovative customer in North America.

Canatu continues to expand its leverage and expertise in flexible touch displays with its latest on-cell design involving touch integration onto moisture barrier film. Following a lengthy development process with the innovative customer, Canatu has secured a design win for a significant high volume order. Further information will be revealed after the launch of the product in spring 2016.

In response to the exacting design brief requiring flexibility, thinness with zero haze and reflections, Canatu designed a bespoke on-cell touch solution. The on-cell solution is a more refined version of Canatu’s previously announced One-Plastic-Solution, OPS, taking the process one step further by integrating the reflective display moisture barrier film with the touch sensor.

“This latest design win underlines the unmatched capabilities of our CNB based films. Combining flexibility with superb optical performance, CNB films enable designs that cannot be realized with alternative metal based transparent conductive materials on the market today. Our moisture barrier integrated touch solution can soon be utilized for any moisture sensitive flexible displays such as reflective E Ink or emissive AMOLED”, says Erkki Soininen, VP Marketing and Sales for Canatu.

Canatu’s offerings, including its OPS, are all based on its proprietary, flexible Carbon NanoBud® material. The zero haze, zero reflectance properties of CNB material provide for excellent optical performance and unparalleled outdoor readability.

Canatu’s OPS incorporates a display window, touch sensor, and decorations, all in an ultra-thin, robust and durable package. The OPS is designed for products demanding extreme thinness and at as thin as 40 um, the OPS is the world’s thinnest windows-integrated touch solution. Unlike ITO and metallic based sensor technologies, CNB provides for extreme bending and folding, specifically targeted for rugged applications.

For additional information, please contact:

Erkki Soininen, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Canatu Oy, tel. +358-40-574-1504,

About Canatu

Canatu is a leading developer and manufacturer of transparent conductive films and touch sensors for an entirely new class of touch applications. Canatu’s transparent conductive films and touch sensors are based on a new type of carbon nanomaterial (Carbon NanoBud®), and a new, single-step manufacturing process combining aerosol synthesis of CNB material and Roll-to-Roll deposition by Direct Dry Printing®. Canatu offers consumer electronics companies the ultimate design freedom with its innovative patents.