Canatu’s New Strategy Focuses on Free Form Touch Solutions for Automotive and Consumer Electronics

Canatu, the leading manufacturer of 3D formable and bendable transparent conductive films and touch sensors, has repointed its direction and revised its product offering. Canatu has also refined its company strategy. The refined strategy and focus will enable Canatu to capture a notable share of its target markets and accelerate its sales and R&D efforts.

Canatu’s focus is to target the automotive and consumer electronics markets with its one-of-a-kind products. Canatu’s unique value proposition is its strectchable,3D formable and back-moldable touch sensor solution. In line with its new strategy, Canatu has decided to focus its core business to providing films and sensors to OEMs and Tier 1 & 2 companies in search for solutions requiring 3D formability and extreme bendability. Canatu aims to support the paradigm shift currently experienced by the automotive industry by enabling total design freedom. The enhancement of user experience will be addressed by providing solutions to remove outdated buttons and switches with intuitive touch applications.

“After a strong pull we have experienced from the automotive industry it came apparent our strongest added value in the market is our products’ extreme bendability and formability that supports creative and seamless design possibilities. We have decided to focus our efforts on this factor to ensure quality solutions for our customers. The market is growing exponentially and we are extremely delighted with our new focus. Canatu products are changing the way people interact with surfaces”, explains Canatu’s CEO Juha Kokkonen.

Canatu’s main product offering is now based on its CNB™ In-Mold Films. Solutions are bespoke and to customer specification ranging from a wide array of substrates, thicknesses and transparent or translucent options. Specifically designed for automobile center consoles and dashboards, consumer electronics, wearable devices and specific user interfaces, CNB™ In-Mold Films can be easily formed into shape. The film is first patterned to the required touch functionality, then formed, then back-molded by injection molding, resulting in a unique 3D shape with multitouch functionality.  With a bending radius of 1mm, CNB™ In-Mold Films can bring touch to almost any surface imaginable.

Canatu is working closely with its latest investment partner, Faurecia in collaboratively finding top quality solutions for automakers such as Daimler and other prominent auto industry leaders. Canatu is also currently in collaboration with its Korean partner Trais in manufacturing a touch enabled VR&AR consumer electronic product.

Canatu will be at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Jan 5-8 showcasing products from its newly defined product portfolio as well as taking clients through the new strategy and focus areas.

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Juha Kokkonen, CEO, Canatu Oy, tel. +358-40-543-0367,

About Canatu

Canatu is a leading developer and manufacturer of 3D formable and flexible transparent conductive films and touch sensors for an entirely new class of touch applications. Canatu’s transparent conductive films and touch sensors are based on a new type of carbon nanomaterial (Carbon NanoBud®), and a new, single-step manufacturing process combining aerosol synthesis of CNB material and Roll-to-Roll deposition by Direct Dry Printing®. Canatu offers automotive and consumer electronics companies the ultimate design freedom with its innovative technologies.