Point-of-use sensing

Canatu electrochemical electrodes offer a versatile platform technology for electroanalytical chemistry, such as biosensors for point-of-use measurements and diagnostics.

Versatile platform for biosensors

In the fast-growing market of point-of-use sensing, electrochemical test strips are becoming increasingly crucial. They offer the potential to provide a portable, affordable, and easy to use method for measuring concentrations in close to real-time, across various industries.

Biosensors using Canatu CNT can provide a rapid, precise, easy to use and low-cost method for analysis across medical, environmental, and agricultural industries.

The proprietary dry deposition process enables production of highly repeatable high purity Canatu CNT films. In-house post processing also enables a wide range of surface functionalization for improved sensitivity and immobilization of biorecognition elements. This makes the Canatu electrochemical electrode a versatile platform technology for electroanalytical chemistry, such as biosensors for point-of-use diagnostics and food safety.

Proven scalability

The proprietary dry deposition of the Canatu CNT films enables producing highly repeatable and conductive CNT films on virtually any substrate. This fully industrially scalable process allows for high electrical conductivity of the CNT network, leading to large active area combined with superior sensitivity.

The high purity Canatu CNT also enable fabrication of sensors with high sensitivity and stable low background currents, leading to high signal-to-noise ratio. The dry deposition and electrode patterning processes are fully roll-to-roll compatible and have been demonstrated at industrial scale.

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