CNB™ Films

Formable to shapes

Canatu CNB™ films are transparent and conductive thin films. They are formable and flexibe, enabling 3D touch surfaces and 3D heater solutions.

CNBs are flexible, they fall in a curved and curled manner on the substrate, and they slide over each other. Therefore they are:

  • Stretchable (200%)
  • Thermoformable (1mm radius)
  • Moldable (robust)

The films have good display readability

  • Through high optical performance
  • Low reflectivity for true black
  • High contrast for true colors
  • Crisp image with zero haze
  • Transparent
Canatu CNB free form film

CNB Free Form Film

  • For applications with touch on 3D surface
  • Polycarbonate base substrate

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CNB Curve Film

  • For applications with touch on curved (2.5D) surfaces
  • PET base substrate

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