CNB Free Form Film

For applications with touch on 3D surface

Stretchable. Transparent. Low reflectance

CNB Free Form film is a transparent conductive film on Polycarbonate substrate. It enables design freedom for touch interfaces with 3D formed shapes.  CNB Free Form film can be stretched to any 3D form that is supported by the Polycarbonate substrate and is compatible with industry standard thermoforming and injection molding processes including Film Insert Molding (FIM). Due to zero reflectance and haze, and natural color neutrality, it provides for deep black, true white, and excellent contrast in on-display touch use.

  • Highly stretchable
  • Tight bending radius
  • Thermoformable with pressure or vacuum
  • Back-moldable with PC, PMMA and other resins
  • Non-reflective for good contrast
  • Low resistivity, 60-300 ops


Display Grade

  • Specially optimized for high performance displays
  • High transmittance 90-98% (substrate normalized)
  • Excellent color neutrality
  • Non-visible sensor patterns
  • Low haze <0.5%


Lighting Grade

  • For illuminated controls and lighting applications
  • Excellent color neutrality

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