CNB™ Heaters

3D surface heater for EVs and autonomous cars

Safety and functionality in any weather

Autonomous cars and driver assistants require fully functional sensors in any weather conditions to be reliable and useful. People must trust their vehicles to use them.

Canatu’s unique, transparent CNB™ films enable 3D shaped heaters. The CNB films can be integrated to sensors supporting autonomous driving and enabling driver assistants, like cameras, lidars, LED lights and mirrors, later also to windshields, HUDs and other interactive windows of future’s cars.

Connected cars

3D. Transparent. No haze.

The heater can be integrated to complex 3D surfaces by forming, molding and laminating. It allows design freedom when the heaters are embedded unobtrusively to the exteriors.

The optical properties and formability of Canatu CNB film enable sensors to be fully functional even 360 degrees or fish eye view. The material also has very low haze, meaning it does not make the transmission light fuzzy, which is important when watching through the CNB heated surface.

Canatu heater demonstrator ice

Even heating. Energy savings.

The Electric Vehicles are very energy conscious and require light weight and low energy solutions. Compared to the conventional way of heating first the air – equals to waste heating – and then heating the needed surface, the direct CNB heater surface integration offers significant energy savings. CNB heater offers fast and even heating, meaning the full area remains clear and there are no local hot spots. The heaters are very light and thin with simple stack structure integrated within cover lens.

Canatu heating for led lights

An A5 sized heater with 2,25mm thick PC cover can rise-up the surface temperature 10C in 5,7 seconds and keep the surface warm during the driving.

Simple stack structure integrated within cover lens.

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