CNB™ Touch Sensors

For curved or 3D touch applications

High performing optics. Thermoformable. Bendable

CNB™ Touch Sensors are built on CNB Free Form or CNB Curve Films.

CNB™ Sensors can be bent to curved forms and formed to 3D shapes. It is possible to create transparent multitouch areas with extreme 3D shapes, such as grooved sliders and convex shaped control buttons. This enables complete design freedom and unique user experience to any surface – transparent 3D touch sensors can be combined to displays, plastic, glass, leather or textile giving almost unlimited possibilities for smart touch surfaces.

CNB™ Sensors are designed for standard industrial processes such as Film Insert Molding and optical bonding.  CNB™ Touch Sensors provide a true black, true white, and excellent contrast in touch displays. Read about display readability.

3D shaped touch lens on display

  • Multitouch
  • 2 CNB sensor layers with CNB Free Form Film
  • Thermoformed into desired free 3D form
  • Optically bonded to seamless front window with decoration and to the display

3D shaped touch sensor with surface features

  • Like controls, touch buttons, smart switches or sliders formed into ergonomic shapes
  • Typically 1 CNB layer with CNB Free Form Film
  • Can have several touch functions in the same sensor sheet
  • Can be integrated in the same sensor sheet as on-display multitouch sensor
  • Bonded to seamless front window with decoration and suitable backlighting

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