Consumer Electronics

Shaping the usability to the next level

Consumer electronics such as VR/AR controllers and wearable devices benefit from Canatu’s state-of-the-art solutions which offer 3D shaped capacitive touch sensor with multi-touch applications and excellent formability.

A touch sensor can be added even to the sharpest edges of consumer electronics devices – creating completely new design possibilities and improving the user experience to next level.

High optical performance is gained through complete sensor pattern invisibility and superior light transmission through the active CNB sensor layers. High display contrast directly translates to better visual user experience particularly in bright ambient conditions such as bright offices, vehicles, and outdoors.

Canatu sensors can be used in, but not limited to

  • VR/AR/Game Controllers
  • Concave and convex smart watches and activity trackers
  • Bended wearables
  • White goods
  • Navigation devices
  • Tablets and e-Readers

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