Automotive Smart Glazing World Congress

Topic: Canatu CNB heaters for ADAS: ensuring safe and autonomous driving in any weather
Presenter: Markku Lamberg, VP, Customer Projects and Supply Chain
Date: 21 January 2021



In the past, the window glass was only a tool to protect users from the wind and rain, but with the technical innovation, especially the gradual maturity of autonomous driving technologies, the application of automobile glass will be more and more extensive, and its functions are becoming diversified. In the near future, intelligent glass will be one of the important development trends of automotive industry. High-performance lightweight materials expand design options and the complexity of glazing applications today, with the positive impact on fuel economy, passenger safety and comfort. The global shift towards electric vehicles and autonomous driving shape further the future developments in automotive glazing.

With the theme of ‘ Smart Glazing and Innovative Materials in Intelligent Cockpit Era’, this event is aiming to strengthen the networking among global and domestic OEMs, auto parts, technology giants, industry experts, innovation companies and start-ups to explore how to build intelligent, integrated and multi functional automotive glazing system; how to meet the HMI demands in intelligent and comfort mobility; and how to explore the new business model in automotive smart glazing field.

In this event, Markku Lamberg, VP Customer Projects and Supply Chain of Canatu will talk about our automotive heater solutions.

As the automotive industry prepares for a future of autonomous cars, reliability in all weather conditions rises in relevance. Mist, condensation, and ice reduce the ADAS system functionality. Reliable and unobtrusive solutions are necessary to prevent safety risks. Canatu CNB heaters have been developed to keep critical sensor surfaces clear, ensuring safe and autonomous driving in any weather.

Canatu CNB heaters offer more uniform heating compared to the wire heaters. Metallic wires can cause pixel to pixel distortion, which reduces the optical performance of the sensor. Canatu CNB heaters are film based so the entire heated area is conductive, which leads to even heat distribution and quick heat up.

In addition to even heating, CNB heater is a highly transparent, low-haze solution for de-icing the ADAS sensor surfaces. These features will become increasingly important as the level of autonomy in cars increases and the requirements for more accurate object detection increases.

CNB heaters can be integrated into complex 3D surfaces. By applying CNB heaters directly where the heat is required, the surface can be heated without wasting energy by heating the ambient surroundings.

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About Canatu
Canatu’s Carbon NanoBud material innovation delivers value across industries. Our automotive solutions, ranging from 3D touch surfaces to ADAS heaters, enable design freedom and intuitive user experiences; and help ensure safe and autonomous driving in any weather. Our semiconductor solutions enhance efficiency and precision with positive impact on everyday life. Canatu is headquartered in Finland, with sales locations in Europe, US, Japan, China and Taiwan.

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