Business of Automated Mobility (BAM) Forum

About the event
AUVSI and SAE have teamed up to host the first Business of Autonomous Mobility Forum with a very clear purpose: helping companies that are building the future of mobility to create an actionable roadmap to success. Automated mobility provides limitless opportunities and very real challenges. The event aims to take a focused look at the critical decisions you can take now to define the future of automated mobility. The forum will focus on creating a path to profitability for companies in UAS and AV markets, focusing on common operational issues facing the autonomy industry. It will be held on an interactive virtual platform  on June 23-24, 2o21.

Canatu’s Vice President, Sales Samuli Kohonen will present CNB film heaters for ADAS sensors during the ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Systems session. ADAS is an essential safety feature of a modern car. The average ADAS content per car is rapidly increasing by level of automation. However, as with any new technology, there are factors limiting the ADAS system uptake. Heavy rain, thick fog or cold weather can have adverse effect on ADAS sensor functionality. Camera sensors get blocked by rain, snow or ice obstructing the system view. The effective LiDAR measurement range may decrease. In the worst case, the function is unavailable when the most needed. Therefore, reliability in severe weather conditions may be the greatest constraint to wider ADAS adoption and fully autonomous driving.

CNB film heater offers even heating and low distortion for safety-critical sensor surfaces, enabling autonomous driving in all weather conditions. Based on a novel carbon nanomaterial, the Carbon NanoBuds, that feature ultra-low haze and low reflection enabling accurate object detection and range measurement on LiDAR optical path.  These transparent conductors are also extremely flexible which allows you to integrate heaters on any surface regardless of their shape.

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