Broadcast interview at CES 2020

Watch broadcast interview with the CEO of Canatu Juha Kokkonen by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central on the core properties of Carbon nanotubes, and how Canatu is applying them to benefit automotive and consumer electronics industries with truly unique solutions ranging from 3D capacitive touch sensors to ADAS heaters.

When it comes to material technology, carbon nanotubes are a big area of experimentation and design. Think of them as very small pasta and, under the right conditions, can be pulled and molded into nearly any shape. They can be woven together like thread to form fabrics. But, these fabrics are incredibly strong and lightweight.

We’ve seen carbon nanotubes used to lighten heavy parts of planes, boats, and more. But Canatu is using them in a new way. One aspect of carbon nanotubes is that they can be great electrical conductors. That means that you can run power across them.

But, any time you run electricity, you create heat – sometimes a small amount, sometimes a large amount. In the case of carbon nanotubes, the heat produced is slight, but useful. When combined with certain existing products, that heat can be used to make the products better. Take, for example, the ADAS sensor in your car that determines if the roads are safe enough to use cruise control in the cold. Those sensors can freeze over themselves and produce a false reading. But, if you include the carbon nanotubes into the sensor’s design, or as a covering over the top of the electronics, you can keep the sensor from icing over, protecting your driving.

Watch the interview above to learn more!