DVN Automotive LiDAR Conference & Expo

Since their inception, DVN LiDAR conferences have quickly become the must-attend technical congress to see and hear all about the latest innovations amidst the galloping growth of the automotive LiDAR sector. All main players have now concluded that for the foreseeable future, LiDAR is the only technology able to provide the redundancy needed for autonomous driving level 3+ and above.

The fourth DVN LiDAR conference and exhibition is scheduled for 15-16 November in the Franfurt am Main area. Featuring strong line-up of 30+ high-caliber speakers and companies from every part of the automotive LiDAR ecosystem: automakers, LiDAR suppliers, tier lighting suppliers, material companies, research outfits and analysts. Along with the best in class lecture docket, the event will also accommodate exhibition for companies to show off their latest technologies.

Canatu will have an exhibition booth and presentation at the congress. CEO Juha Kokkonen will talk about bad weather impact on LiDAR system performance, and introduce CNB film heaters as a reliable solution to overcome the challenges.