DVN Car Smart Interior

Origo Steering Wheel Brings Smart Device UX to Cars

Session: Any Surface Becomes Smart and Functional
Thursday, September 24, 2020
Presenter: Juha Kokkonen, CEO, Canatu

In this event, Canatu CEO Juha Kokkonen presented the award-winning Origo Steering Wheel concept which integrates smart 3D touch surfaces on the steering wheel wings. With Origo, the driver can manage all key functions purely by thumbs, minimizing distracted driving.

Watch this webinar to learn more.

Within today’s revolution of ACES (autonomous, connected, electric, and shared) vehicles, mobility use cases are changing drastically. Car interiors are becoming a new product differentiator, allowing drivers & occupants to have a complete new set of activities through relaxing, working, phoning, reading, watching movies… the car becomes a mobile lounge.

These new usages are pulling new technology to make this new reality true! Cars have been designed to have driver and occupants seat in very defined positions and either just driving, or just doing nothing.

The first DVN Interior Workshop was a live stream event, composed of a virtual full day Conference and a virtual exhibition hall.

New Technologies for Car Interior and Mobility were be the rubric for the event. New use cases for increasingly automated and connected vehicles, flexible interior and system perspective, seating, interior lighting, formerly passive surfaces becoming functional, HMI, design and decoration are among the topics presented.

The Conference was structured in 5 sections.

Car interiors will look like cockpits of the future meant to cocoon driver and passengers, create flexibility and allow all positions, purify cabin air, become energy efficient, with the systems necessary to keep the safest level of protection.

Thermal surfaces, acoustic insulation surfaces, intelligent multi-functional intuitive controls, any surface will integrate a function.

A new level of driver and passengers experience opens with ambient lighting, light as an interior design tool, and the combination of new light sources associated with new materials

Session #4: – SEATINGS
Due to new usage scenario (CASE) and new technology, car seats are entering into a new area, integrating new adjust-ments (swiveling, rotating, relax,), taking care of the driver (driver monitoring system, sensors), new comfort features (massage, heat/cool,), new materials (lightweight, eco-frien-dly, design), all at an affordable cost level, and within a new adapted safety concept.

What are the key technology enablers which will make all this possible, simulation tools, electronics as a system, how will occupants interact with the machine (Screen, Voice/Audio, Light,.)?