Glass Performance Days

Glass Performance Days (GDP) brings together the best minds in the glass industry for an exclusive conference taking place Feb. 16-18, 2022 in Tampere, Finland.  Themed around Growth through Partnership, GDP is dedicated to developing the global glass industry and advancing glass technology through education, forging stronger networks and thought leadership. Glass Performance Days connects the entire glass industry supply chain from researchers to architects, designers, structural engineers, glass producers, processors, equipment providers and end-users.

Canatu’s Application Engineer Bhushan Gadgil will talk about Canatu ADAS heater technology at the event.

With growing trends towards autonomous driving and electrification, the need for surface heaters is rising rapidly.  ADAS cameras help driver to detect objects, road signs and lane markings, but they are sensitive to weather. Fog, snow, frost, or mist obstruct the camera’s field of view and risk accurate object detection. Electric vehicles don’t generate waste heat that could be recaptured to heat windows and other surfaces. Canatu CNT film heaters enable autonomous driving in any weather by offering even heating performance and excellent weathering resistance. Canatu CNT heaters are based on the carbon nanobud (CNB) material, known for its record-high transparency and conductivity, low haze and flexibility.

The Canatu CNT heater film can be integrated to automotive windshield glass using existing glass lamination technologies or simply as a heater film laminated on a glass surface. The integrated Canatu CNT heaters have excellent surface figure/flatness and low optical or wavefront distortion. Canatu CNT based ADAS heater products are adaptive in terms of heater size and dimensions, to fulfill the heating power output demand based on source supply voltage offered in a vehicle.

During his session, Mr. Gadgil will present Canatu CNT film based ADAS heater products, explain layer-by-layer assembly of different materials, elaborate various coating,printing and lamination technologies used in the final product integration to glass, and discuss future opportunities in ADAS heaters.

Learn more at the GPD website: https://gpd.fi/