Virtual event

COMPAMED High-Tech Forum
Session: Printed Diagnostics and 3D Printing
Monday 16 November at 12:05 – 14:30
Chair: Ilkka Kaisto, VTT, Finland
Improving Cost, Time and Performance with Nanocarbon -Based POC Diagnostics
Speaker: Ilkka Varjos, CTO, Canatu Oy

On Monday 16 November, Canatu CTO Ilkka Varjos will join the virtual COMPAMED High-Tech Forum session on printed diagnostics and 3D -printing to talk about a new point-of-care solution for real-time detection of paracetamols from blood and other bodily fluids.

Paracetamol is the most used over-the-counter analgesic in the world. It is also one of the most overdosed drugs, and the leading cause of acute liver failures in the United States and Europe. Currently, intoxication can be diagnosed from blood samples analyzed in a laboratory. The new POC device offers rapid detection, lower cost-per-case, ease of use and convenience with mobility.

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