High-Tech Forum by IVAM

Session: Printed Diagnostics and 3D Printing
Topic: Improving Cost, Time and Performance with Nanocarbon -Based POC Diagnostics
Speaker: Ilkka Varjos, CTO, Canatu Oy


The misuse of opioids is a major concern as the number of deaths and addictions are rising. According to the WHO estimates, in 2017 about 115 000 people died of opioid overdose in the world. Rapid detection and quantitative monitoring of analgesic concentrations  in blood is critical for safe patient care.

On 16 November 2020, Canatu CTO Ilkka Varjos joined the virtual COMPAMED High-Tech Forum 2020 by IVAM session on printed diagnostics and 3D -printing to talk about a new point-of-care solution for bedside blood concentration measurements of analgesics in blood with new electrochemical sensor that is based on Canatu Carbon NanoBud (CNB) technology. The new CNB -based electrochemical sensor enables real-time detection of analgesics in blood without extensive sample treatment enabling more use cases as testing is not confined to the laboratory anymore. The new testing method is easy to use, less invasive and can be done at the point of care, reducing wait time for results and cost.

Watch recorded webinar to learn how Canatu can help cure the global opioid overdose crisis and save lives with CNB -based electrochemical sensors.

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