Smart Plastics Congress 2020

Topic: Canatu Carbon NanoBud based smart and functional surfaces
Speaker: Valentin Jacoutot, Application Development Engineer
Time: TBC

Canatu will join the virtual Smart Plastics Congress organized by Plastipolis on 8 December 2020.

The event will gather leading experts from established international companies to start-ups, involved in new product development. Highlighting technology and business opportunities in the area of smart plastics / structural electronics, the event provides a great platform for scientific and technology exchanges between experts in smart plastic solutions and applications.

Canatu’s Valentin Jacoutot, Application Development Engineer, will talk about Carbon NanoBud material innovation creating value across industries. In his presentation, Mr. Jacoutot will address the unique properties of CNB material powering progressive new solutions, such as 3D formed capacitive touch sensors and film-based heaters keeping ADAS systems and LED headlamps clear from moisture and ice in any weather.

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Welcome to join our session!