Green and Flexible Touch Electronics at Cleantech Forum Europe

Cleantech Forum Europe, Canatu Juha Kokkonen

Canatu CEO Juha Kokkonen participated to the panel “Making Electronics Ever More Flexible and Efficient” at the Cleantech Forum Europe, Helsinki (16.-18.5.2017). Canatu enables flexible touch electronics that are greener to produce, use and recycle.

Flexible electronics

Canatu is a developer and manufacturer of CNB™ films and sensors, based on patented Carbon Nanobud® technology. The touch surfaces with CNB film can be formed to any 3D shape to versatile materials, such as plastic, glass and in the future, also for textile or leather. Despite the stretching and forming, the material remains highly conductive and has excellent visual quality and appearance. The applications can be used in for example automotive or consumer electronics.

Sustainable production process

Simplified, Canatu takes gas and turns it into printed electronics with the patented technology. The Canatu’s manufacturing process requires less raw materials and toxic chemicals than traditional processes as the organic carbon is completely recyclable.

Energy and material savings through the film properties

Canatu CNB film can be used in any shape to create touch applications. Compared to traditional mechanical solutions, the use of CNB film means less materials, thin and seamless designs enabling greater space utilization with versatile touch surfaces.

The thin form offers also lighter structures with energy savings. For example, in car industry, lighter means less energy consumption in driving.

In the winter time, the heating of electric car windows with the CNB film based materials requires less electricity than traditional air based heating.

In consumer electronics and display solutions, high optical performance of the CNB uses less energy for the display readability due the decreased need for backlighting and this way increases the battery life time.

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