IAA 2017: Future concepts with intuitive user experience already today

Canatu was present at the press and trade days of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The future of the autonomous driving is closer than ever and Canatu demonstrated solutions that make the user interface of the autonomous driving adjustable, intuitive and space conscious already today. One good example was the door at the Daimler booth (2nd floor) with a large touch area and displays. The mechanical buttons were replaced with 3D shaped touch functions (see images below).

Daimler Door Panel with Canatu 3D

The combination of form and function in the cars let the driver to concentrate on driving. The user can find the controls and functions with a finger touch without need to focus on icons or flat displays.

In the future, the driver can be working or relaxing in the car and the interior must enable these different ways to behave. The cars will be moving living rooms and the displays and their functions need to be adjustable for versatile use, depending on the driving mode (self-driving or autonomous). The cars are even more connected and the architecture and use cases need to be re-thought to support the new era of driving.

Check the interactive Canatu cockpit at https://canatu.com/automotive/

At the same time, when the amount of cars is increasing, the sustainability and ecological solutions become even more important. Canatu’s thin and formable films and sensors, enabling 3D shaped touch functions and screens, decrease the weight of the car compared to mechanical buttons. The good conductivity of the materials help in energy savings of electric cars. Additionally, Canatu’s manufacturing processes are efficient in materials usage as the organic carbon is completely recyclable.

The IAA in Frankfurt is open until 24th September. https://www.iaa.de/en/iaa/ #IAA2017