CNB™ Electrochemical Sensors

For medical diagnostics

Improving cost, time and performance

Electrochemical sensor is a device that transforms electrochemical information into an analytically useful signal. They are the most advanced sensors on the market that are used in clinical, industrial, environmental, and agricultural analyses, providing remarkable detectability, good stability and low cost.

Electrochemical sensors made of Canatu Carbon NanoBuds have quantitatively proven superior performance over other solutions on the market and in research. CNBTM -based point-of-care sensors can replace conventional opioid sensing devices that are bulky and expensive, providing significant cost savings, ease of use, mobility, and quick results.

Real-time detection of opioids from blood

Canatu CNBTM based point-of-care device enables real-time detection of pain killers such as opioids from blood. While some other methods require hours to detect opioids from blood or urine, CNBTM Sensors can do the same from a single blood drop in just a few minutes. Both the device and the cost-per-case are also much cheaper compared to conventional methods,  bringing substantial cost savings in use. Just like glucose sensors, CNBTM Electrochemical Sensors are extremely easy to use and portable due to compact form.

Key features

The unique electrical and chemical properties of the CNBTM Electrochemical Sensors combined with the surface structure benefit medical diagnostics in many ways.

  • Strong signal & low detection limit – clean surface and large contact area with the analyte.
  • Superior selectivity – high ability to measure concentration of a substance enabled by tuning of the molecule structure.
  • High resistance to fouling – self-filtering structure preventing contamination of electrodes by large molecules, such as proteins.
  • Integration – CNBTM Electrochemical Sensors can be integrated to any substrate enabling wide application possibilities in medical diagnostics and beyond.


High optical performance

New Future of Diagnostics ecosystem in Finland strengthens diagnostics development

Future of Diagnostics ecosystem in Finland strives to develop rapid, highly sensitive and affordable point-of-care diagnostic methods to improve healthcare efficiency and outcomes.

Canatu participates in the co-innovation program to develop CNB -based hybrid sensor for target detection and drug concentration measurement.

Canatu brings CNB technology to electrochemical sensors to measure analgesic concentrations in blood

Opioid analgesic misuse is a major concern, as the number of deaths and addictions are rising. Fast detection of opioid concentration is critical for safe patient care. Canatu Carbon NanoBud -based electrochemical sensor will enable real-time detection of analgesics in blood without extensive sample treatment, reducing wait time for results and cost.

CNB electrochemical sensor for bedside blood concentration measurement of analgesics has progressed into clinical studies to validate test reliability and equivalence with a standard mass spectrometry laboratory method.

Challenge Finland winner

The development of CNB electrochemical sensors initiated in the Challenge Finland Fedoc project consortium to address the challenge of opioid overdose as the use of medication continues to increase.

Watch video on the inspiring, cross industry research collaboration to develop life-saving solutions for tomorrow’s healthcare (in Finnish).

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