CNB™ EUV Pellicles

For semiconductors

Improving production efficiency by ~25%

EUV pellicle requires a unique combination of optical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties.

Canatu’s Carbon NanoBuds (CNB) can be printed over an open border that form a freestanding membrane. This unique nano-structure can be used as an EUV pellicle. Key properties of the freestanding CNB membrane structure include:

  • extremely high EUV transparency
  • high heat stability
  • robustness to pressure differentials
  • nano-scale filtering capabilities
  • high uniformity

As an outcome, EUV pellicles based on Canatu´s CNB membranes can improve the production efficiency by ~25%.

Picture on right: M. Timmermans et al., “CNT EUV pellicle: moving towards a full-size solution”, Proc. SPIE 10451, Photomask Technology 2017.

Table: Gallagher et al., “EUV lithography and materials that propel it forward”, Proceedings of the 2020 EUV Lithography Workshop, June 7-11, 2020

CNB Membrane for EUV pellicles

Protecting photomask from defects

Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) is the latest technology for the lithography machines that are used to produce semiconductors such as logic and memory chips. EUV has 3-6 times shorter cycle times compared to the critical multi-patterning layers.

EUV pellicle is a thin, transparent membrane that protects the photomask from defects.

One of the most critical development areas is to improve transmission losses over the conventional (pSi) pellicle solution: each time light passes through the pellicle, 17% of energy is lost, resulting up to 30% loss of energy during the transmission of light.

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