Stretchable displays

In this IoT era, consumer electronics will evolve towards free form factors that will enable exciting new applications to emerge. Canatu CNT is a promising material that can be applied in touch, electrode or interconnect for stretchable displays.    

Trend towards free form factors

As we progress in the Internet of Things era, consumer electronics will evolve towards looser form factors rather than being confined to a 2D rectangular shape. Though some companies have created initial demonstrations of stretchable displays in recent years, truly stretchable displays will require novel materials that are able to retain their touch functionality even when stretched repeatedly in room temperature. Canatu CNT exhibits optimal properties that make it an ideal material for 3D touch sensors, electrode or interconnect for stretchable displays.

  • high stretchability which allows material to form extreme 3D shapes
  • high electrical conductivity that ensures reliable touch performance, and proper function of interconnects
  • high transmission and ultra-low haze
  • high contrast that can display deeper blacks with no reflection

High stretchability

Canatu CNT material can be stretched repeatedly by over 100% in room temperature, enabling reliable touch functionality on any free form display. Furthermore, Canatu’s unique deposition process enables CNT deposition on any substrate e.g. polymeric elastomer, making the material more versatile and adaptable.

Excellent optical performance

Canatu CNT material has ideal optical qualities such as high transparency, ultra-low haze and high contrast. This ensures that display images are crisp and clear regardless of ambient brightness.


Carbon nanotubes in interconnects

Interconnects are structures that connect components electrically to their drivers. The properties, design and layout of such interconnects are vital to the overall performance of the device. Due to their optimal mechanical and chemical properties, carbon nanotubes exhibit great potential to be used in interconnects. This is particularly so in free form applications that combine the performance of today’s rigid device platforms with enhanced freedom and stretchability.

Stretchable displays made with interconnects using Canatu CNT thus indicate substantial promise in achieving higher component densities and new form factors. Examples of next-generation technology that will require such conductive and stretchable materials include the emerging MicroLED which is poised to overtake OLED, or even textile electronics that enable wearable applications

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