CNB™ Touch Sensors

For stretchable displays

Trend towards looser form factors

The form factor of flat panel displays, stuck into 2D rectangular shape, has limited the application areas. In the IoT era, however, consumer electronics are being deployed in various daily life objects and our body, which are not usually flat. Future displays will evolve towards 3D freeform platforms that enable beautiful designs and exciting new applications, such as 3D surfaces that turn into displays, compact roll out displays, roll down TVs, e-textiles, and more.

The first foldable devices were unveiled in 2019, but this is just the beginning: rollable displays are already behind the corner, and the trend towards looser device form factors is anticipated to accelerate in coming years with the introduction of stretchable displays. Companies like Samsung have already demonstrated stretchable displays, proving the technology is not just science fiction.

The first stretchable displays have had commercial limitations such as lack of touch functionality. Truly stretchable displays will require stretchable touch sensors with transparent conductors that can withstand their high performance even when stretched repeatedly in room temperature.

Stretchable CNB™ Touch Sensors for any device form factors

The commercialization of the stretchable displays will require more robust materials that enhance stretchability, durability and conductivity. Canatu Carbon NanoBud enriched materials offer reliable touch functionality for future freeform displays.

CNB™ Touch Sensors can be stretched repeatedly by over 100% in room temperature, enabling stretchable touch functionality with excellent optical performance on any freeform display. Canatu’s unique deposition process enables Carbon NanoBud material deposition on any substrate e.g. polymeric elastomer.

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Key benefits

  • Any shape – over 100% stretchability in room temperature.
  • Any substrate – Carbon NanoBuds can be deposited on any substrate.
  • Higher contrast – deeper black, no reflection.
  • Crisp and clear image – ultra-low haze.
  • Electrical conductivity – reliable touch performance.
Canatu CNB Touch Sensor

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