Research and development

High technology professionals

Roots in high technology research

The roots of Canatu are in high technology research. Canatu was born in the Aalto University’s Nanomaterials Group in the early 2000’s. Until the 2010’s, the main focus of the daily work was to study the materials and manufacturing processes.

Even though the mass production started in 2015, our R&D department continuously studies further materials and processes to meet the demanding needs of industries for the next generation products.

Canatu R&D environmental testing

Over 100 patents

Today, Canatu is the proud holder of over hundred patents and pending patents. Patents and IP in general are in the company’s ongoing focus. In addition to the technologies, the key patent areas are also materials, manufacturing processes and applications.

Canatu chemistry

Highly skilled professionals

Canatu’s R&D department has highly skilled professionals in the fields of chemistry, aerosol physics, manufacturing and application development, as well as material engineering.

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Canatu R&D forming