3D formable touch solutions for intuitive user experience

Unlimited possibilities to create touch surfaces

If you are in the need of formable touch features for any 3D shaped devices, you are in the right place. Canatu’s unique film and sensor solutions bring the interaction to the next level for 3D shaped and double curved devices in different industries. We help you to create revolutionary products.

Design Freedom

Canatu products combined with thermoforming, optical bonding and injection molding create unlimited possibilities for you to design innovative seamless and robust structures to any surface.

Intuitive User Experience

Canatu brings surfaces to life. Touch on 3D surfaces, like finger guides, results in natural user interaction. Intuitive tactile solutions enable non-distracted usability in all devices as well as improved safety in driving.

Superior Technology

Canatu’s touch products are highly stretchable and bendable. The high optical performance – the zero reflectance and haze – ensures high contrast and readability even in direct sunlight. The 3D thin form offers seamless design, lighter and robust structures, and greater space utilization compared to traditional technology. The unique CNBâ„¢ technology supports both ecological and sustainable manufacturing.