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Canatu pioneers carbon nanomaterial solutions that are innovative in design and function. Our uniqueness origins from the new material and manufacturing method that we have invented. The patented Carbon NanoBud® material is used in our products that have unique optical, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties.

Canatu CNBTM solutions can be used across a wide variety of applications that require:

  • Stretchability & flexibility
  • Transparency, no haze and no reflection
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Chemical tuning

Canatu’s CNB™ solutions are based on sustainable, carbon-based material that enables free form factors and light structures. Electronic functionalities can be added wherever needed and in 3D shapes enabling freedom of design. In-mold structure is thin and light weight as multiple parts required in conventional assemblies are removed. CNB™ films and sensors are also entirely transparent which together with stretchability and robustness enables electronic functions on any surface.

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