TechBlick: Printed, Flexible, Hybrid & In-Mold Electronics

Time & location
10 Mar, 15:00 CET – 11 Mar, 20:00 CET
Virtual Event Platform

About the event
Flexible hybrid electronics will enable integration of ultrathin ICs on flexible substrates. To enable a transition from expensive PI to inexpensive PET, low-temperature or higher novel die or IC attach is needed. This is an essential enabling technology. It is important that the roadmap here supports complex ICs with high I/O pins and ever narrower pitch and spacings. This is an innovation space to closely watch. It encompases novel low-T solders, self-aligned conductive adhesives, and beyond.

Canatu’s  ADAS market evolution, constraints to ADAS uptake, side effects of harsh weather on camera and LiDAR systems, challenges associated with the conventional heating wires and how the limitations can be overcome with CNB film heaters, to improve safety and reliability.

CNB film heaters help vehicles “see” better and provide clear field of vision for ADAS systems to operate. These entirely wire-free film heaters provide even heating and low distortion enabling accurate object detection and LiDAR range measurement.

Join our session on 10 March 2021 at 8:10 PM CET learn more!