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Transparent conductive films

Transparent conductive films are thin films that are optically transparent and electrically conductive. Transparent conductive films made from Canatu CNT offer unique benefits unparalleled by other materials.

High-performance transparent conductive films

Canatu CNT transparent conductive films constitute high-performance materials that can be used in automotive ADAS heater and flexible touch applications that require high electrical conductivity combined with high optical transparency.

Currently, Canatu produces CNT transparent conductive films with the best industrially applicable sheet resistance to optical transparency ratio ever seen in CNT films with a sheet resistance of 35Ω/sq at 90% transmittance.

Canatu Carbon Nanotube CNT transparent conductive film manufacturing

Unhindered optical performance

The Canatu CNT transparent conductive films have zero reflectance and haze, high transmittance, and excellent color neutrality.

CNT films maintain low sheet resistance without compromising on its high levels of transparency.

Canatu carbon nanotubes CNT transparent conductive film stretchability

Extreme stretchability

Canatu CNT transparent conductive films have highly versatile mechanical capabilities with extreme stretchability (>200% depending on the substrate). With a less than 1mm bending radius, the film can be thermoformed into exaggerated 3D shapes, and in-molded for robustness.

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ADAS LiDAR heaters

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) systems provide a precise 3D representation of the surveyed environment. Canatu CNT film heaters ensure that optical surfaces remain clear from moisture and ice, enabling seamless autonomous driving regardless of the weather.

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canatu carbon nanotube film heater for automotive cameras
ADAS camera heaters

Canatu CNT film heaters ensure that cameras and optical surfaces remain unobstructed by moisture, frost, fog and ice. Wire-free film heaters provide even heating and low optical distortion, advancing autonomous driving in any weather.

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Touch sensors in 3D

Canatu’s award-winning touch sensors in 3D provide an intuitive user interface via touch controls that can be seamlessly integrated to various applications in any shape, on any surface.

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Canatu CNT Synthesis reactor

Industrializing CNT with DENSO

In 2021, Canatu signed a major Joint Development Agreement with leading mobility supplier, DENSO, to develop high-performance reactors used in CNT film production. This collaboration is aimed at tripling Canatu’s current film manufacturing productivity. The agreement signifies a key milestone in Canatu and DENSO’s long-standing business partnership.

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Record-breaking transparent conductive film

In 2021, Canatu more than doubled the performance of its CNT transparent conductive films. The company’s multi-year research and development program has resulted in the best industrially applicable sheet resistance to optical transparency ratio ever produced in CNT films. As affirmed by CEO Juha Kokkonen, “[t]his is by far one of the greatest technical advancements in Canatu history”.

“Advances in the synthesis and scalable manufacturing are critical to mass adoption of CNTs. I […] am thrilled to see Canatu has made a new world record in commercial-scale manufactured CNT thin film transmittance and electrical conductivity”

Shigeo Maruyama, Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tokyo

These significant developments not only expand the potential applications of Canatu’s CNT films, but also make the material more affordable for automotive ADAS heater and touch applications. Cost-efficiency is achieved through optimizing core factors affecting CNT network properties and performance, as well as eliminating contamination and defects in CNT structures.


Jussi Rahomäki, Chief Product Officer, Canatu
Jussi Rahomäki
CPO, Conductive Films +358 40 596 8719

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