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R&D Scientist, Medical Diagnostics Petikko, Vantaa, Finland 15.8.2024
Senior R&D Scientist, Medical Diagnostics Petikko, Vantaa, Finland 15.8.2024
Open application Petikko, Vantaa, Finland

“The best thing about Canatu is curious people, and working with people discovering together. Personally, I love an impossible challenge, and at Canatu we are routinely solving them on a weekly basis. We believe, that with nanocarbons we not only transform several prominent industries, but we also change our society and everyday life.”

Taneli Juntunen
Vice President, Core Engineering

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Canatu R&D Scientist Samuel Dulay

“At Canatu, people are always willing to cross over and support colleagues outside the boundaries of their respective fields. That’s the best thing here at Canatu. What really excites me is when we try many things and then it finally works! It drives our curiosity, and challenges our core ability to provide solutions, making us better and to strive for better results.”

Samuel Dulay
R&D Scientist

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Canatu Head of Synthesis Emma Salmi

“The best thing about Canatu are the atmosphere and how amazing the people who have gathered here are. And being at the cutting edge of technology, it’s a motivator itself!”

Emma Salmi
Head of Synthesis

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“The company is quite diverse with people of different nationalities and races. As a foreigner in Finland, you hear a lot about how difficult it can be to assimilate into a Finnish company or feel welcome at work. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my colleagues at Canatu were very open and friendly.”

Charlene Goh
Marketing Coordinator

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Working at Canatu

Want to shape the future and change the world? At Canatu, we believe that systems, solutions and products can – and should – always be better. As a CNT Material Developer, we are at the forefront of creating something truly transformative and new. Our core technology, based on nano carbon, brings together the building blocks of progress and provides a versatile and future-proof foundation.

Our work is not only relevant to our customers and stakeholders, but it also inspires us as Canatu employees. If you share our passion for technology and innovation, we want you to join us in our quest to change the world for a better place and make a difference in industries that will impact everyday life.

Canatu offers work opportunities in a forward-looking, multicultural company with high growth potential. We are constantly growing and on the lookout for driven and talented people who are passionate about resolving world-scale problems on a nanoscale.

As an entrepreneurial company with roughly 120 employees from 26 different nationalities, you will be a part of a dynamic and forward-looking scale-up with great team spirit and peer support. We offer exciting roles of varying scope for people with diverse educational and experiential backgrounds. Our office language is English and the most positions are based in our head quarters in Vantaa, Finland.

Does this resonate? If yes, join us today to create better tomorrows with nano carbon.

Life at Canatu

Making a difference in the world through nanotechnology is only possible with committed employees and a supportive work environment. Our company values are the core of our culture, guiding us ahead in our everyday.

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