Electrochemical sensors from Canatu

Future developments

The discovery of new things is deep in Canatu’s DNA. From the beginning, we have explored uncharted territory with curiosity. And that is something integral to who we are as a company and what our experts are inspired by. The world is not ready, we tend to say.

We are alert to what happens in our current key industries, while also observing with curiosity what goes on in other fields. Curiosity leads to discovery, and when we identify new needs and opportunities, we evaluate what part we could play and whether it is worth pursuing. Seeking new opportunities and thinking ahead comes naturally to us.

While our experts solve the issues of today, they are also working on what’s to come. Canatu R&D envisions and acts upon what our tomorrows need, even decades ahead.

Currently, we focus primarily on the automotive and semiconductor industries with the offering for medical diagnostics developing fast. Developments in other areas are also in the pipeline.

Electrochemical sensors based on Canatu carbon nanotubes for environmental monitoring

Electrochemical sensors

Electrochemical sensors based on Canatu CNTs offer new opportunities for diverse applications in various industries. With their exceptional sensitivity, these advanced electrochemical sensors can detect a wide range of substances at ultra-low concentrations. This makes electrochemical sensors invaluable for real-time monitoring of critical parameters in fields such as medical diagnostics, veterinary care, environmental monitoring, food & beverages, and industrial processes.

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Canatu carbon nanotube optical filter for X ray astronomy

X-ray windows

Canatu carbon nanotube membranes have high potential for X-Ray filter applications due to their unique properties. Canatu CNT membranes feature high X-ray transmittance, robustness, and chemical inertness. Such properties effectively allow X-Rays to pass through whilst blocking other wavelengths in order to effectively procure accurate X-Ray imaging of celestial objects.

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Carbon nanotube transistors

Canatu CNTs have been studied in the context of transistor applications in co-operation with Aalto University. Canatu is currently seeking partners to take the development from Aalto’s university lab to the next technological maturity level with a view towards commercialization and mass production.

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Canatu headlight heaters are wire-free in front of the light beam and in-lamp integrated sensors and keep headlights clear in any weather.

Headlight heaters

LED headlights, when compared to traditional halogens, often face challenges in preserving clear visibility during severe weather conditions. Accumulation of snow and ice on the headlights can obstruct the light beam, resulting in compromised visibility. To address this issue, Canatu film heaters offer a potential solution, ensuring that headlights remain clear regardless of the weather conditions. Our headlight heater technology is currently in the development stage and is not available as a retrofit option for LED headlights.

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Nano carbon at the heart of innovation

Everything we do is based on our expertise in nanotechnology and working with nano carbon. This is what makes us versatile and gives us the means to advance breakthrough innovations and solutions with a wide-reaching impact in select industries.

Our R&D works on honing current mass production projects and developing existing client issues in addition to exploring new territory. Through shared projects, we collaborate closely with our clients and partners, solving issues right now to advance new products. With future developments, we devise a roadmap on how to combine our own breakthroughs with Canatu CNT to work with new industries.

The more progress we make with carbon nanotubes, the more opportunities it creates. We are driven by a passion to be part of introducing new, better products and solutions that will touch people’s lives. When collaborating, we share our expertise and open up new avenues for the people we work with. Sometimes a breakthrough is one tiny solution away – a nano solution can have a massive impact.

The future of carbon nanotubes

When carbon nanotubes were invented, they were much more rudimentary than today. Nowadays, we are able to create consistent quality and increasingly design the kinds of carbon nanotubes that we need for various products.

Technology is continuously developing allowing us to see tinier scales and work in them. This expands the possibilities of what we can do. In the early days of carbon nanotubes, their impact was only incremental. They didn’t really make a difference in the products they were involved in, CNT’s benefits were more about saving material or making things a little more convenient. Today’s CNT is more developed, and because its properties are more consistent and broad, it has a transformative impact when used.

Canatu CNT is a prime example of this, and it’s also why we have chosen to focus on highly engineered solutions with forerunner companies. The properties of Canatu CNT support products where reliability and performance are key.

Accelerating the carbon age

We are moving from the silicon age to the carbon age. Canatu is accelerating the arrival of the new age by innovating with nano carbon. Carbon is a future-proof material. Working with nanotechnology taps into its outstanding versatility and allows us to replace materials with a negative environmental impact. We see this happening, for instance, in how silicone is being replaced in the semiconductor industry for greater sustainability and efficiency.

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Focused products with nano carbon

Our main focus today is on the automotive and semiconductor industries. We continuously expand what is possible with nano carbon, searching for new opportunities. Work with Canatu CNT.

Canatu microscope
Canatu CNT is our product

Through experience, we have achieved consistent quality and properties with carbon nanotubes, which gives Canatu CNT transformative potential. Delve deep into CNT. 

medical diagnostics
Advancing medical diagnostics

Opioid misuse and access to care continue to be key challenges. Simpler and inexpensive lab-level tests with rapid results will give caregivers better means to determine personalized patient care at the point-of-care. See our role in advancing medical diagnostics. 

Canatu ADAS camera heater optical properties
The future driving experience

Canatu CNT’s qualities excel in automotive applications, where high optical, electrical and mechanical properties are of utmost importance. Canatu supports the automotive industry in enabling increased safety, comfort and autonomy in driving. Discover more. 

Free-standing CNT membranes

Canatu’s manufacturing platform produces high-quality, free-standing CNT membranes in various sizes, shapes, and carbon nanotube structures. This gives Canatu the ability to adjust the free-standing CNT membrane properties to best meet the end application needs, and to quickly scale up to mass production from the initial prototyping phase. See the platform.

Transparent conductive films

Transparent conductive films using Canatu CNT have record-high transmittance to electrical conductivity ratio, ensuring high performance in the end applications. See the platform. 

Ilkka Varjos CTO CNT freestanding EUV membrane
CTO interview on EUV pellicles

Semiconductors impact our everyday life through every single electronic device we use. Canatu CTO Ilkka Varjos expounds on how Canatu can help improve yield and throughput of high-volume semiconductor manufacturing with EUV membranes made of Canatu CNT. See interview.

SPIE Photomask and EUVL Digital Forum

Canatu presented on free-standing CNT membrane technology at the SPIE Photomask and EUVL Digital Forum, focusing on the unique qualities of the platform, the extensive customizability of the CNT synthesis and post-processing, and application potentials for the free-standing CNT EUV membranes in semiconductor manufacturing and beyond. See press release.

Our company

Canatu creates nano solutions for massive impact. We work with carbon, the most versatile material in the universe, and collaborate with other forerunner companies to make breakthrough innovations. See our company.