Transforming medical diagnostics with exceptionally sensitive electrochemical biosensors

Medical diagnostics

Transforming medical diagnostics with exceptional sensitivity

Medical diagnostics is about to be transformed – saving lives and money. Canatu CNT offers the highest sensitivity outside a lab – over 10 times more sensitive than anything our competitors can offer. Proven in in vitro matrices, the superior sensitivity is made possible by our patented dry deposition technology, which allows us to create CNTs with uniquely pristine and expansive surface areas. This enormous, three-dimensional surface provides many binding sites for biorecognition elements to interact with target analytes, enabling stronger signals even in complex matrices. Exceptional sensitivity unlocks unprecedented detection capabilities for new assays. Furthermore, severe infections and diseases, like cancer, can now be diagnosed at their earliest stages, improving patient outcomes, monitoring, and safety.

Medical diagnostics with biosensors from Canatu

Industry trends

  • Early detection of diseases
  • Point-of-care testing
  • Specialized disease-specific biomarkers
Medical diagnostics with Canatu electrochemical biosensors

Canatu biosensors

  • Sensitive: >10x higher sensitivity in in vitro matrices
  • Versatile: platform technology for detecting any analyte of interest
  • At scale: experience and expertise to produce tens of millions of sensors annually

Our products

Electrochemical sensors for point of use diagnostics from Canatu
Electrochemical biosensors

Electrochemical biosensors offer the highest sensitivity outside a lab – over ten times more sensitive than anything our competitors can offer. Exceptional sensitivity unlocks unprecedented opportunity to detect new assays, as well as severe diseases and infections, at their earliest stages.

Electrochemical sensors

Electrochemical sensors offer unparalleled detection capabilities across industries. Their superior sensitivity allows detection of substances at extremely low concentrations, making them indispensable for on-site monitoring of critical parameters in medical diagnostics, veterinary care, environmental monitoring, food & beverages, and industrial processes. Discover our future developments.


Lab in hand enables informed decisions at point-of-care

Medical diagnostics is on the verge of something new. Testing is shifting from centralized to point-of-care, enabling simple testing and quick results in minutes. Electrochemical biosensors are at the forefront of this transformation. They provide quantitative detection of any desired analyte at the point of care. Multiple biomarkers can be tested simultaneously. This empowers caregivers to make better-informed decisions at the point-of-care, saving lives and money.

Transforming medical diagnostics at the point of care using exceptionally sensitive electrochemical biosensors from Canatu

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We are looking to partner with frontrunners ready to transform medical diagnostics at the point of care. Download technical data to explore our capabilities further.

Biosensors for medical diagnostics from Canatu

Latest research

Canatu has nearly a decade of experience in vitro research. Currently, we are developing our versatile platform technology to transform medical diagnostics. Peer-reviewed references serve as valuable resources for professionals keen on understanding our technology and capabilities. Discover an overview of our latest and most notable publications.

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We are looking to partner with frontrunners ready to transform medical diagnostics at the point of care. If you’re interested in exploring this opportunity further, contact our CTO Ilkka Varjos.

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Medical diagnostics using electrochemical biosensors from Canatu
Latest research on electrochemical sensors

While our experts solve the issues of today, they are also working on what’s to come. Currently, our technology for electrochemical sensors is developing fast. Because of the exceptional purity of Canatu CNTs, remarkable analytical performance can be attained in various sectors such as clinical analysis, environmental monitoring, agriculture and neuroscience. Learn more. 

Electrochemical sensors for point of use diagnostics from Canatu
Electrochemical biosensors

The inherently large surface area, high conductivity and tailorable surface chemistry makes Canatu CNT an ideal electrode material for electrochemical sensors. See the product.

Electrochemical sensors for medical diagnostics at the point of use from Canatu
Electrochemical detection

Canatu CNT offers a versatile material platform for electrochemical detection. Electrochemical sensors using Canatu CNTs have the potential to provide resilient, accurate, reliable, and low-cost analysis in clinical, industrial, environmental, food safety and agricultural sectors. See the platform.

Canatu electrochemical sensor strip
Clinical studies

Electrochemical sensors for bedside blood concentration measurement progress to clinical studies. The new point-of-use measurement enables real-time detection of analgesics from blood without extensive sample treatment, improving test result wait time, cost and convenience. See press release. 

Biosensors for medical diagnostics from Canatu
New hybrid sensor

Finnish ecosystem spurs diagnostics development. Canatu will develop a new hybrid electrochemical sensor for target detection and drug concentration measurement. See press release.

Our company

Canatu creates nano solutions for massive impact. We work with carbon, the most versatile material in the universe, and collaborate with other forerunner companies to make breakthrough innovations. See our company. 

Partnering for better tomorrows

Canatu partners with forerunner companies, research partners and a leading Finnish University Hospital, together transforming products for better tomorrows with nano carbon. See how we collaborate for an impact.