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Semiconductors are all around us in every single electronic device we use. That is how they make an impact in our everyday. Progress in the semiconductor industry continues fast driven by Moore’s Law aimed at doubling the transistor density on a wafer every two years. Higher transistor density will lead to more efficient processors and memory chips for the benefit of everyone using electronic devices.

To keep up with the pace of development, the industry has developed extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) technology. Using extreme ultraviolet wavelengths, this wafer exposure technology improves resolution and allows producing wafers with transistor node sizes of 7 nm or less.

Canatu CNT plays a key role in advancing the EUV process required for producing the most advanced microchips. Today, Canatu is a prominent supplier of CNT -based products and manufacturing equipment for the semiconductor industry. Our product portfolio includes EUV pellicles, debris filters, and optical filters for EUV and X-ray filter applications.

Our products

Canatu CNT membrane for EUV pellicles and debris filters

The world’s thinnest and strongest carbon nanotube membranes, tailorable for your exact needs. Applicable for high-power EUV lithography and X-Ray filter applications. Made of the most advanced carbon nanotubes, known for their exceptional purity and properties.

EUV Pellicle imec
EUV pellicles

EUV pellicles are membranes used to protect the photomask from contamination while permitting high EUV transmission. EUV pellicles made of Canatu CNT offer high transmittance and 15% higher performance compared to conventional EUV pellicles.

Canatu carbon nanotube optical filter for X ray astronomy
X-Ray filters

Canatu CNT membranes are well suited for use in X-Ray filter applications because of their high X-Ray transmittance, resistance to pressure differentials, and chemical inertness. These X-Ray filters can be placed e.g. in front of an X-Ray detector to block particles, electrons, and photons that fall outside the desired energy range, while providing high X-Ray transmittance and enduring high temperatures & differential pressure conditions.


Taking semiconductors to a smaller scale

As volumes rise in semiconductor manufacturing and ever-smaller features are printed on them, there is greater pressure to avoid defects. Tiny defects lead to errors on the wafer, causing costly yield losses.

Canatu has a unique solution based on CNT membrane to enable nanoscale debris filtering in a demanding environment: high EUV transmittance, low reflection and flare, high heat resistance and mechanical strength.

EUV pellicles are membranes that protect the photomask from particle contamination while permitting EUV transmission. The CNT membrane must be thin enough to limit the imaging impact while robust enough to survive handling.

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CNT is the material choice for EUV pellicles

The next-gen EUV scanner will introduce high power levels of over 500W, enabling the next step in efficiency. Higher power levels and reticle acceleration cause high heat loads and mechanical stress on the EUV pellicles. Carbon nanotubes have emerged as the most promising material for EUV pellicles used in high power EUV scanners due to their mechanical and thermal properties. See article.

Future developments

The discovery of new things is deep in Canatu’s DNA. From the beginning, we have explored uncharted territory with curiosity. While our experts solve the issues of today, they are also working on what’s to come. To future developments.  

Free-standing CNT membranes

Canatu’s manufacturing platform produces high-quality, free-standing CNT membranes in various sizes, shapes, and carbon nanotube structures. This gives Canatu the ability to adjust the free-standing CNT membrane properties to best meet the end application needs, and to quickly scale up to mass production from the initial prototyping phase. See the platform.

Ilkka Varjos CTO CNT freestanding EUV membrane
Canatu free-standing CNT membrane creates unique value in EUV applications

Semiconductors impact our everyday life through every single electronic device we use. Canatu CTO Ilkka Varjos expounds on how Canatu can help improve yield and throughput of high-volume semiconductor manufacturing with EUV membranes made of Canatu CNT.  See article. 

SPIE Photomask and EUVL Digital Forum

Canatu presented on free-standing CNT membrane technology at the SPIE Photomask and EUVL Digital Forum, focusing on the unique qualities of the platform, the extensive customizability of the CNT synthesis and post-processing, and application potentials for the free-standing CNT EUV membranes in semiconductor manufacturing and beyond. See press release.

Our company

Canatu creates nano solutions for massive impact. We work with carbon, the most versatile material in the universe, and collaborate with other forerunner companies to make breakthrough innovations. See our company. 

Canatu ADAS camera heater optical properties
The future driving experience

Canatu CNT’s qualities excel in automotive applications, where high optical, electrical and mechanical properties are of utmost importance. Canatu supports the automotive industry in enabling increased safety, comfort and autonomy in driving. See more. 

EUV Pellicles

EUV pellicles made of Canatu CNT are critical enablers of high yield and throughput in high-volume semiconductor manufacturing, offering unique benefits that are unparalleled by other materials. See the product.

Highly engineered products

Canatu creates the most advanced carbon nanotubes well-suited for transformative solutions, where precision and reliability are essential. See our products.