Collaboration is both a key value of ours and a way to evolve our business. We combine our expertise of nanotechnology with the expertise of our industrial partners. Together we make ideas real and apply Canatu CNT to the applications where it makes the most relevant difference. We build ecosystems to have the right team to reach our goals.

On the lookout for new partners

In partnership, we join forces to solve issues and open doors to new innovations. On our own, we develop carbon nanotubes and analyze industries to find the types of applications we could help create. When we team up with the right partners, we focus better on the right applications and together make a difference that may take the whole industry into a new direction.

New partners are possible gateways to new industries and applications – in return, new partners are introduced to the world of carbon nanotubes.

The initiative can come from either side. We are sometimes approached by industries we have not worked with before. Through collaboration, our understanding grows of the company’s needs and direction. Together we start to find solutions in that field. Other times, we will have an idea of how Canatu CNT could benefit a forward-looking application, and approach potential partners. When we join forces, we test what works and get a better sense of how to take the application to the next level. For instance, for film manufacturers involved in the automotive industry, Canatu CNT adds functionalities to their film, creating new opportunities.

Together we build the future

As Canatu creates advanced carbon nanotubes, our Canatu CNT is best applied to highly engineered solutions. Therefore, it is natural that we find partners among forerunners looking to innovate in their industry. They will benefit most from our future-building approach.

We enter partnerships with our firm expertise as a foundation. That is combined with our partners’ expertise in their industry, and together we create a clearer view of how best to take the field forward.

Building ecosystems

The companies we collaborate with are forerunners who go into the world, like us, with curiosity to discover. Together we work on breakthroughs that lead to better products with the capability to transform entire industries. These solutions are always the result of several partners working in collaboration. We share a passion for progress and a commitment to achieve.

For example, Canatu CNT has transformative impact in developing autonomous driving. We are seeking partners with the potential to scale rapidly in an ecosystem. Working with partners already involved in developing ADAS sensors and radars will allow us to reach cost-efficient solutions that are easy to integrate into vehicles.

Being aligned with technological trends drives our business and partnerships, letting us explore arising new opportunities.

The ecosystem allows us to expand our expertise, and have more players committed to the cause. In some cases, our partners have very specific criteria who they want to work with, and we choose the partners accordingly. At other times, building the ecosystem is largely on us, as is the case in free-standing CNT membrane projects. We are also connected to research ecosystems, giving us even more of a chance to be involved in the cutting edge of solutions that are only just being explored and experimented with. For instance, we are involved with Aalto University in molecular modelling, which will pave the way to the future of carbon nanotubes.

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