Canatu creates nano solutions for massive impact. We work with carbon, the most versatile material in the universe, and collaborate with other forerunner companies to make breakthrough innovations.

Collaborating with forerunners to make breakthroughs

Canatu is the global leader in developing advanced carbon nanotubes (Canatu CNTs) and manufacturing equipment for the semiconductor and automotive industries. We focus on creating the most advanced carbon nanotubes for industry-transforming products. With over a decade of experience in mass-producing CNTs, Canatu has highly-developed expertise in carbon nanotube manufacturing and customizing CNTs for select applications, ensuring consistent quality for highly-engineered solutions. Canatu CNT offers the required versatility and reliability for transformative impact.

Canatu partners with other forerunner companies, together transforming products for better tomorrows with nano carbon. Canatu operates through two business models: Firstly, we develop and mass-produce CNT products in-house. Secondly, we license our technology and sell CNT manufacturing equipment, allowing customers to produce CNT-based products themselves. Today, Canatu is a prominent supplier of CNT products and manufacturing equipment for the semiconductor and automotive industries.

In the semiconductor sector, Canatu CNT plays a key role in advancing the EUV process required for producing the most advanced microchips. Canatu’s product portfolio includes EUV pellicles, debris filters, and optical filters for EUV and X-Ray filter applications. In the automotive industry, our focus is on developing film heaters for LiDAR and camera sensor de-icing, enabling autonomous driving in any weather.

We continuously explore future developments where our advanced CNT could have a significant role. Currently, our technology for electrochemical sensing is developing fast. By combining our expertise in the nanoscale with the industry-defining vision of our collaborators, we create nano solutions for massive impact.

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Nano solutions for massive impact

The experts at Canatu think big and create impact on the tiniest scale. Welcome to the nanoscale.

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Creating the most advanced nanotubes

Our solid foundation gives us a clear direction. When we collaborate with forerunners, together we create the potential to transform industries and impact everyday life.

To our vision
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Canatu CNT is our product

Through experience, we have achieved consistent quality and properties with carbon nanotubes, which gives Canatu CNT transformative potential.

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Focused products with nano carbon

Our main focus today is on the automotive and semiconductor industries. We continuously expand what is possible with nano carbon, searching for new opportunities.

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Experts in the nanoscale

The dimension we work in is the nanoscale. More and more things are being solved in a smaller dimension simply because we can see smaller dimensions. Zooming into a minute scale expands what we can do, leading to new solutions for products and everyday life.

Carbon is at the centre of what we do. We tap into its versatility by going to the molecular level. Carbon is a future-proof material as a sustainable alternative to, for instance, mined materials. Therefore, with nano carbon we can support industries in replacing old solutions with more sustainable ones.

Carbon nanotubes are increasingly being used in products, and even if people have never heard of CNT, it will have a role in their lives especially when the use of CNT becomes more commonplace in the semiconductor industry.

Carbon nanotubes will touch every person’s life in
one way or another even if they do not know it.

Carbon nanotubes have been around for over 20 years yet what we can do with them today due to extensive research, experience in mass production and proven quality is hugely different. In the beginning, the role of CNT was incremental while today their impact as part of products is potentially transformative.

For better tomorrows

Canatu has come a long way since its origins. We have always been driven by curiosity to discover new ways to do things. Increasingly this curiosity has become more structured powered by a commitment to achieve and creating impact through collaboration.

Being focused on creating the most advanced nanotubes allows us to be focused on improving products, even entire industries, with an impact on people’s lives. Even though we will not change the world alone, working with a variety of industries lets us create an impact that leads to transforming products for better tomorrows.

Join us in transformation

Canatu works together with some of the most exciting companies in the world. We are constantly looking for curious, committed, collaborative and passionate professionals to our team. If you are an expert or a budding one, and eager for new opportunities, get in touch with us.

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Careers in nanotechnology

At Canatu, you can work with the best companies in the world, together transforming products for better tomorrows with nano carbon. See life at Canatu.

Partnering for better tomorrows

Canatu partners with forerunner companies, together transforming products for better tomorrows with nano carbon. See how we collaborate for an impact.

Future developments

The discovery of new things is deep in Canatu’s DNA. From the beginning, we have explored uncharted territory with curiosity. While our experts solve the issues of today, they are also working on what’s to come.

For investors

The momentum is inevitable. Carbon nanotubes have matured to a level where they can be expected to provide consistent quality. We see significant untapped growth potential in automotive, semiconductor and healthcare industries driven by mega trends. See where Canatu CNT can play a part.