About Canatu

Canatu is the global leader in advanced CNT. We at Canatu think big and create massive impact on the tiniest scale. What we create becomes part of solutions with the power to transform products, industries and even everyday life.

Nano carbon for massive impact

Welcome to a new dimension: the nanoscale. This is the environment Canatu innovates in, and the basis of the expertise we share to the benefit of the companies we work with. We at Canatu think big and create massive impact on the tiniest scale. What we create becomes part of solutions with the power to transform products, industries and even everyday life. This world-changing potential is inspiring.

When we solve things on a smaller scale, we expand what is possible. We specifically use our expertise to work with carbon, the most versatile material in the known universe. When we create with it, we unleash its full potential. Only our imagination is the limit. By innovating with nano carbon, we accelerate the arrival of the carbon age.

Carbon is a future-proof material. It is a sustainable alternative to e.g. materials that are mined, and it is ideal for the circular economy. Carbon is available everywhere, which makes it safe from monopolization or cartelling.

Highly engineered solutions with nano carbon

We create the most advanced carbon nanotubes with the unique processes we’ve developed. The properties of our own Canatu CNT make it especially suitable for highly engineered solutions, where precision, reliability and high quality are vital. These properties include conductivity, strength and thermal stability in extremely high temperatures. Because of these unique properties, combined with Canatu’s expertise and manufacturing processes, our CNTs offer benefits compared to other existing solutions.

Carbon nanotubes have existed for over 20 years, and our Canatu CNT was developed originally a decade ago. Today, it is more relevant than ever in enabling breakthroughs in innovations. Its versatility allows us at Canatu to work with the most exciting companies in the world in our selected industries. In partnerships, we use our unique expertise of nano carbon to adapt Canatu CNT to different contexts and uses.

The companies we collaborate with are forerunners, who are redefining their industries. Together we work on whatever will make the leap ahead possible, leading to better products with a transformative impact. These projects involve several partners working in collaboration to achieve our aim.

By combining our varied expertise, we make an impact in people’s working life and the everyday. Transforming products for better tomorrow with nano carbon.

What we create at Canatu, though tiny in scale, is brimming with unlimited potential.

We create nano solutions for massive impact.

From start-up to forerunner

Canatu was founded in 2004 by a quartet of distinguished senior scientists specializing in materials, characterization, and aerosol technologies: Esko Kauppinen, David Brown, Albert Nasibulin, and Hua Jiang, within the halls of Aalto University’s Nanomaterials Group. The unique process that led to Canatu CNTs was invented in the late 1990s and developed in the early 2000s. Until the early 2010s, the focus was on studying the material and its potential as well as refining the manufacturing processes. Based on this work, Canatu has been granted over 180 patents and pending across 36 categories. The first mass-production award was granted in 2015.

Since then, this startup has grown and matured, playing a pivotal role in creating solutions with forerunner companies and strategically partnering with other collaborators.

Discovery of Canatu CNT

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Creating the most advanced nanotubes

Our solid foundation gives us a clear direction. When we collaborate with forerunners, we create the potential to transform industries and impact everyday life. To our vision.

Partnering for better tomorrows

Canatu partners with forerunner companies, research partners and a leading Finnish University Hospital, together transforming products for better tomorrows with nano carbon. Collaborate for impact. 

Building blocks of the future

The discovery of new things is deep in Canatu’s DNA. From the beginning, we have explored uncharted territory with curiosity. While our experts solve the issues of today, they are also working on what’s to come. Look to the future.

Investment momentum growing

The world is more ready for carbon nanotubes than ever before. And CNT is also more developed to support forerunners in their breakthroughs that will have a positive impact on the world. The momentum is inevitable. Seize investment opportunities. 

Canatu microscope
Careers in nanotechnology

At Canatu, you can work with the best companies in the world, together transforming products for better tomorrows with nano carbon whilst advancing your career and personal growth. Discover life at Canatu.