Transforming the driving experience

The automotive industry is continuously searching for new ways to improve its products. There are several forerunner companies, developing their unique way of creating better vehicles to transform driving. Canatu has extensive experience working with the automotive industry and making breakthroughs possible.

Enabling autonomous driving

Key industry trends in the automotive field revolve around enhancing the autonomous driving experience with a focus on safety, comfort and increasing full driver autonomy.

Autonomous vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can reduce accidents, expand delivery options, and improve the safety of transportation. Key areas still need to be developed before we can enjoy the benefits of self-driving systems in our everyday.

Canatu supports enhancing the reliability of high-performance ADAS in all weather conditions. Canatu heaters provide high optical and heating performance. Touch sensors in 3D free up design to shape future cars.

Canatu film heater keeps LiDAR clear of ice, snow and fog. High transmittance in IR, wire free. Fast, even and power-efficient heating. Customized to desired optical, heating and design requirements.

In mass-production since 2015

Canatu has been mass-producing CNT since 2015 with the automotive industry and 2021 with the semiconductor industry. Today, Canatu mass produces its products for two leading electric vehicle (EV) companies and two premium sports car OEMs. As of today, over 600,000 sensors have been successfully delivered with a truly exceptional Field Return Rate (FRR) of 0.

  • Electric vehicle SUV – US
  • Electric vehicle truck  – US
  • Sports car SUV – Europe
  • Sports car –  Europe

Our products

Film heaters

Canatu’s film heaters are fast-acting and power-efficient, provide even heating, exhibit high transparency and superior optical performance, are highly robust for harsh environmental conditions, and allow for high level of integration flexibility.

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ADAS LiDAR heaters

LiDAR sensors are a key technology in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). LiDAR heaters based on the unique Canatu CNT technology ensure reliable LiDAR performance in any weather.

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canatu carbon nanotube film heater for automotive cameras
ADAS camera heaters

It is essential for ADAS camera heater applications that the field of view through the lens is clear regardless of the weather. Canatu CNT ADAS camera heaters have been specially designed ensure reliable ADAS camera performance in any weather.

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Headlight heaters

Unlike their older halogen bulb counterparts, LED headlights generate minimal heat and are unable to de-ice the lens in harsh weather. Canatu LED headlight heaters provide an efficient solution with even heating, high optical performance and direct surface integration.

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Touch sensors in 3D

Canatu award-winning touch sensors can be thermoformed into extreme 3D shapes and integrated into virtually any surface, providing ample design freedom. Canatu touch sensors enable sleeker, lighter and less obtrusive automotive interiors, combining elements of design and functionality to elevate the user experience.

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Autonomous driving in any weather

One major obstacle for widespread autonomous driving comes from varied weather conditions. The cameras and sensors that make autonomous driving possible need to be able to survey the surroundings whatever the weather. Traditional heating solutions cannot support optimal optical signal paths.

Canatu CNT’s qualities excel in automotive applications, where high optical, electrical and mechanical properties are of utmost importance. With our products, we enhance the reliability of advanced camera sensors and LiDARs.

We support the automotive industry in advancing autonomous driving in any weather.

Cold and humid weather can cause trouble. Ice, snow and fog require even heating on the sensor and camera lens surfaces to avoid blockages that cause safety risks. Canatu ADAS heaters offer fast, even and power-efficient heating and superior optical performance at visible and infrared wavelengths. Additionally, due to the flexibility of Canatu CNT, design freedom with vehicle integration is made possible.

Shaping surfaces into experiences

Our touch sensors play a key role in advancing driving comfort. The touch sensors in 3D liberate designers and allow replacing mechanical controls. Shaping surfaces for a supreme driving experience, and bringing intuitive user interfaces that make operating a car’s controls as easy as using a smart phone.


Jussi Rahomäki, Chief Product Officer, Canatu
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Meeting reliability standards

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Our company

Canatu creates nano solutions for massive impact. We work with carbon, the most versatile material in the universe, and collaborate with other forerunner companies to make breakthrough innovations. See our company.