Origo Steering Wheel

Smart Controls for Enhanced Safety, HMI and Design

3D touch steering wheel

The new Origo Steering Wheel provides a totally new way of interacting with the car, improving safety with an intuitive HMI and enhancing freedom by design.

With the new 3D touch steering wheel, the driver can manage all key functions purely by thumbs without letting go of the steering wheel, minimizing distracted driving.

Transparent touch surfaces are 3D formed for intuitive user experience, and injection molded for robustness. They replace multiple mechanical controls from different cockpit locations, enabling sleek, light and unobtrusive interiors. Illumination on wings enables unique design opportunities.

Origo is the first joint demonstration to emerge from the Multi-Modal In-Vehicle Interaction and Intelligent Information Presentation (MIVI) project, and has been co-created by Canatu, Rightware, TaktoTec and Siili-Auto.

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Key benefits

  • Enhanced safety: driver can keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while managing core UI functions, minimizing distractions.
  • Intuitive HMI: Origo improves safety with an intuitive HMI. Driver can perform many tasks with a simple scroll, swipe or tap. The interaction pattern is familiar for billions of people that are using smart devices daily with their thumbs.
  • Freedom by design: transparent 3D shaped touch surfaces replace multiple mechanical controls enabling light, sleek and unobtrusive interiors.

Intuitive HMI

Touch-based HMI solution allows driver to manage frequently used UI functions directly from the steering wheel, minimizing driver distractions and improving safety.

3D touch controls allow driver to manage frequently used functions directly from the steering wheel with their thumbs, minimizing distracted driving.

Touch controls are placed on wings. Driver can perform many tasks with a simple scroll, slide or tap. Driver can for instance slide their thumb at the edge on the left touch pad to adjust volume, or zoom into or out of the navigation map by sliding both thumbs horizontally on top of the touch pad at the same time. The use of thumb-based touch controls is very intuitive for billions of people that are using smartphones and other smart devices every day.

The concept features core UI functions that are climate, cruise control, media, navigation, contacts and settings. Primary content is located on the right wing and adjustments and controls on the left wing.

Wing stack structure

  • Thin and light weight structure
  • Design freedom
  • Simple to integrate
  • Robust

CNB™ Touch Sensor

Structure enhances the outstanding properties of the CNB™ Touch Sensors:

  • Stretchable & flexible: conforms to any 3D shape
  • Transparent: allows any surface and light to pass through freely
  • Conductive: ensures reliable touch performance

CNB™ Touch Sensors:

  • Based on CNB™ Free Form Film that is typically used on applications with touch on 3D surface; compatible with industry-standard injection molding & thermoforming processes.
  • 2 sensor layers with multiple touch controls in the same sensor sheet