Eric de La Gironière

Board advisor
Faurecia Ventures
Eric de la Gironiere Canatu Board Member

Eric de La Gironière is the Vice President of Forvia Ventures & M&A (previously Faurecia Ventures & M&A), with broad international experience in all aspects of management, notably in the automotive and electronics industry.

He started his career with Technicolor (formally known as Thomson Consumer Electronics) in 1989 and has held several leadership positions mostly in manufacturing entities, in France and Brazil. Eric joined Faurecia in 2003 as a Division Controller and held several other Finance positions (Exterior and Interior Business Group Finance VP, Group Controller) before creating the Faurecia Ventures company in 2016. Since 2019, he has also overseen several M&A projects for the Forvia Group on top of his role as Vice President.