Tailor-made CNT reactors for industrial scale production of carbon nanotubes

Canatu develops, manufactures, and licenses custom CNT synthesis reactors for producing carbon nanotube (Canatu CNT) membranes and conductive films. Our patented floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition (FC-CVD) reactors and Dry Deposition™ process yield the most advanced carbon nanotubes for highly engineered solutions.

Reactor products

Our CNT reactors and products are widely used in the semiconductor and automotive industries. We sell CNT reactors and license our technology so customers can produce CNT products themselves. We provide customized solutions specifically tailored to your needs. Our lineup includes:

  • S-100 Semiconductor reactors: customized to produce CNTs for high-precision CNT membrane products.
  • H-100 High-performance reactors: designed for high-volume CNT film production and engineered for seamless integration into fully automated roll-to-roll film production lines.

We also offer peripherals and consumables to upgrade your equipment and ensure optimal reactor performance as well as lifecycle services and lifetime supply of spare parts to keep reactors fully operational at all times.

S-100 features

  • Precision optimized
  • Free-standing
  • One tube
  • Tailor-made collection chambers (1-2), A3 size
  • Stand-alone
  • Typical applications: CNT membranes

H-100 features

  • High performance
  • Film production
  • Two tubes
  • Large size 600x600mm collection chambers (1-n), standard and orientated
  • Multiple reactors integrated into one automation line
  • Typical applications: film heaters


  • EUV pellicles for blocking defects
  • EUV debris filters for blocking defects and DUV photons for EUV mask inspection
  • Optical filters for blocking DUV / VIS and passing EUV/X-Ray
  • Film heaters for automotive LiDAR and camera de-icing
  • Electrochemical biosensors for medical diagnostics

Functionalization and post-processing

Canatu has extensive experience in controlling CNT growth and variation during Floating Catalyst Chemical Vapor Deposition (FC-CVD) synthesis and in designing CNT reactors, ensuring cost-efficient carbon nanotube manufacturing on an industrial scale.

Both reactor types are suitable for SWCNT and MWCNT products. FC-CVD synthesis allows tuning of CNT diameter, wall count, (SWCNT or MWCNT), network density, orientation, and bundle size, making it a versatile material platform. With tailored orientation chambers, we can control the orientation of CNTs. CNTs can be further modified through post-processing, such as purification to remove residual metals from the synthesis or functionalization to match the specific deposition chemistry required by coating processes.

CNT reactors for highly engineered solutions

By combining FC-CVD synthesis reactors with a dry deposition method, our customers can create CNT membranes with exceptional uniformity, high EUV transmittance, strength, and purity. Thicker CNT membranes are suitable for various applications such as filtering debris from the EUV source, blocking deep-ultraviolet (DUV) photons, or providing a gas seal for differential pressure.

Canatu CNT membranes are also ideal for X-Ray filter applications due to their high X-Ray transmittance, resistance to pressure differentials, and chemical inertness. These optical filters can be placed in front of an X-Ray detector to block particles, electrons, and photons outside the desired energy range while maintaining high X-Ray transmittance and withstanding high temperatures and differential pressure conditions.

Canatu-DENSO high-performance CNT reactor

Canatu and DENSO launch high-performance reactor

Canatu and DENSO have collaborated on a new high-performance reactor, enhancing reactor design, process controls, and serviceability. Upgrades like component upsizing and a novel parallel furnace design increase yield. Modular prototypes and system-scale simulations optimize CNT growth conditions, while in-situ monitoring and redesigned collection chamber ensure consistent quality. With improved serviceability achieving a 90% operating rate and reducing service time to 4%, the reactor sets new standards for next-gen CNT film products. Integrated into Canatu’s automated roll-to-roll manufacturing line, these high-performance reactors enable scalable throughput, with potential for up to four additional reactors in the cluster.


The full stack is in our hands

At Canatu, we have full control over carbon nanotube production, from our unique material to our patented processes and proprietary reactors.

  • Unique material: At the core of Canatu is our patented carbon nanomaterial. Canatu CNT offers exceptional properties that push the boundaries of what’s possible.
  • Patented processes: our patented dry deposition process is the bedrock of our carbon nanotube production. Unlike traditional wet dispersion methods, dry deposition simplifies the process, yielding longer and cleaner CNTs, and ensuring better performance in end applications.
  • Own reactors: our reactors and manufacturing equipment are meticulously designed and engineered to precise specifications. We offer a range of options, from high-performance reactors for large-scale CNT film production to specialized equipment tailored for intricate semiconductor applications.

Together, with complete control over the entire stack, we’re empowered to deliver solutions that redefine industries.

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