Heikki Heinaro

CPO, Free-Standing Films
+358 407 176 361
Heikki Heinaro Canatu Chief Product Officer

Heikki Heinaro is an accomplished engineering and technology leader with a proven track record of transforming R&D teams and driving record-breaking results in diverse industries. Before assuming his role as Chief Product Officer for free-standing films at Canatu, Heikki worked as an industry advisor, led Canatu Research and Development, worked as General Manager for Microsoft Hardware & Technology, and as VP of Technology for Nokia Smart Devices. Throughout his career, Heikki has been at the forefront of breakthrough innovations, and his passion to progress continues to inspire and redefine the boundaries of what is achievable in tech industry. Heikki is a versatile leader with strong expertise in leadership, management, talent acquisition, product development, product management, and technology strategy.