Juha Kokkonen

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Juha Kokkonen CEO Canatu

“Get things done”

Juha Kokkonen joined Canatu in 2016 as the CEO. Canatu focuses on developing and manufacturing ADAS heaters and semiconductor products, having won multiple awards to date and counting. Juha has run two significant investment rounds and negotiated numerous strategic partnerships, including a licensing agreement with DENSO. Prior to heading Canatu, Juha has held multiple leadership roles at Nokia and Microsoft, including General Manager of Windows Phones and Vice President of Lumia Products. With strong expertise in product, innovation and business management, Juha also has a solid track record of successfully bringing several high-tech innovations into the market. Juha holds an MSc degree in Technology, Engineering, Industrial Management and Computer Science from the University of Oulu.

Management team member since 2016.