CNB 3D touch HMIs

For automotive & CE industries

Origo Steering Wheel

Bringing the smart device user experience to cars

The new Origo Steering Wheel improves safety by reducing driver distraction with intuitive HMI touch controls that are seamlessly integrated into the steering wheel.

Canatu CNB™ Touch Sensors replace multiple mechanical controls from different cockpit locations enabling sleek and unobtrusive design. Driver can control frequently used UI functions directly from the steering wheel with a safe, hands-on-the-wheel driving position. Touch controls are operated with thumbs, providing natural, smartphone-like interaction with the car UI.

Touch sensors are based on Canatu’s Carbon NanoBud film that can be formed and molded into any 3D shape. The new concept steering wheel has been co-created by Canatu, Rightware, TaktoTec and Siili-Auto.

3D touch door trim

Design freedom and improved user experience

TS TECH and Canatu have jointly developed a new 3D touch solution for in-vehicle applications. The new demonstrator integrates 3D touch switches on a decorative door trim to control electric power seat adjustments, enabling a more convenient and comfortable user experience while offering OEMs differentiation possibilities through higher degree of design freedom.

Autonomous driving calls for a complete rethink regarding HMIs. Seats and door trims will become more important as they are always closest to the driver. Canatu 3D touch technology can turn almost any surface into a smart user interface. Combined with TS TECH’s decorative door trims the solution offers intuitive user experience and beautiful design.

3D touch HVAC controls

3D touch HVAC controls – tactile by form

3D touch switches and sliders for HVAC controls. Customizable for different car models and feature sets. Tactile by form, enabling intuitive, eyes-free user interaction. Ambient lighting with hidden until lit effect. Red-light warning feature.

With a single device you can control all key functions such as temperature, fan speed, seat warmers, window heaters, A/C and even phone calls. Tactile, 3D shaped capacitive touch wheeler and sliders offer intuitive user interfaces that are easy to use even without looking.

3D touch CID

World’s first touchscreen with 3D touch surface 

Canatu and Continental have co-created the world’s first 3-dimensional touch screen. This award-winning HMI innovation is enabled by transparent and stretchable Canatu® CNB™ films and sensors.

Driver can adjust frequently used UI functions with touch-sensitive 3D sliders, placed on the sides of the display, without having to navigate away from the displayed menu ensuring minimal distractions while driving. Virtual buttons in the center of the display change depending on the menu that is being operated.

The new 3D touch display can be operated instinctively, enhancing user experience and safety. The innovation has won several awards, such as CES 2018 Innovation AwardsSID Display Component of the Year 2018 and German Innovation Award 2018.

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3D touch door panel

Design freedom with 3D touch surfaces

Canatu, Faurecia and Daimler have co-created a seamless door décor panel with thermoformed and transparent touch sensor to operate power window and seat functions. Sensor integrates LED ambient lighting that remains black until lid. The solution features a number of functions such as menu options, seat functions: heat, massage, vent, power window lifting and intuitive finger locators as all-in-one 3D touch sensor.

Daimler concept door Canatu and Faurecia

3D touch center stack

Enhanced HMI with Intuitive UX 

Canatu and Faurecia are working on a 3D Center stack combining display and controls that are tactile and aesthetic. Canatu’s touch sensors have been formed to 3D shape and display has been integrated to the decorative surface offering high perceived quality. Compared to other materials, Canatu’s 3D sensors offer high optical quality, mechanical flexibility and robustness and possibility to achieve complex Deco-display with 3D shapes.

3D LED center information panel

Tactile 3D touch controls for safety and aesthetics

3D shaped LED Center Information panel with touch surface fits for sleek interiors. Touch surface integrates LED lighting that is discreetly black until lit. When functions are needed, driver can easily find them without looking with tactile, 3D shapes and UI. Intuitive touch controls improve safety and reduce driver distractions minimizing need to look at the controls while operating the UI.

The new Center Information Panel demonstrates the extreme stretchability of the Canatu CNB™ films and sensors, that themselves are fully transparent. 3D touch surface features buttons, grooved sliders, convex shaped control buttons and a transparent dome-shape multi-touch area with LED matrix display. The new Center Information Panel has been co-created by Canatu, Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and NISSHA Corporation.

Canatu cockpit

Automotive Brand Contest winner 2018

Canatu Cockpit provides design freedom for an intuitive user experience with 3D-shaped touch surfaces in automotive interiors and unlimited possibilities for smart touch surfaces in the future’s cockpits. It integrates functions and controls discreetly to the interiors for a sleek and unobtrusive in-car experience. It combines transparent 3D touch sensors to displays, plastic, glass, leather or textile. An intuitive 3D user interface enable decreased driver distraction and increased safety while driving.

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