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Throughout human history, new materials have marked the beginning of a new era of progress and development. From the Stone Age to the Iron Age, we’ve witnessed how innovation and technology have been heavily influenced by the materials available to us. In modern times, the current information age relies largely on silicon, which has brought about technological advancements beyond the wildest dreams of our ancestors, thanks to Moore’s law.

Traditional materials, however, have limitations that cannot sustainably support the future innovations we envision. As we continue to advance in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other digital marvels, we need solutions that are superior in performance and sustainable for the environment. For example, silicon transistors can’t be miniaturized much further without sacrificing their semiconductor properties. Their energy inefficiency poses a threat of increased emissions as cloud computing continues to scale.

The latest developments in nanotechnology have led to the discovery of advanced carbon materials, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene, which exhibit extraordinary properties. Carbon nanotubes, for instance, have higher electrical and thermal conductivity than metals, while simultaneously being much stronger and lighter. This means we can make existing solutions better and create radically new ones with less materials and energy compared to traditional materials.

Where in the past carbon nanotubes only led to incremental impact, today the developed manufacturing process and consistent quality means their impact is transformative.

Ilkka Varjos, CTO, Canatu

Carbon is one of the most abundant materials on the earth. In fact, we have excess of it. By utilizing carbon waste, such as industrial emissions, to create advanced carbon nanomaterials, we free ourselves from complex supply chains of dirty, fossil-based mined minerals, and contribute to a more sustainable circular economy.

These are the elements of the upcoming Carbon Age, an era that we are on the brink of entering. And we at Canatu are committed to driving the arrival of the Carbon Age so that our partners’ will be able to take full advantage of Canatu CNT for their breakthrough products. The more we harness nanotechnology across different industries, the more commonplace CNT will be in ground-breaking products in tomorrow’s everyday.


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