CNB™ 3D heaters

For automotive industry

CNB™ heaters meet industry standards for reliability

As the automotive industry prepares for a future of autonomous cars, reliability in all weather conditions rises in relevance. Mist, condensation and ice can reduce the ADAS system functionality. Reliable and un-intrusive solutions are necessary to prevent safety risks.

Canatu CNB™ heaters have been developed to keep critical sensor surfaces clear from moisture and ice, ensuring safe and autonomous driving in any weather. Now an automotive-accredited 3rd party lab has validated that Canatu CNB™ heaters fulfill the high industry standards for reliability.

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Safe and autonomous driving in any weather

Autonomous cars are the future. They should work reliably in any weather. But mist, condensation or ice can have negative impact on ADAS sensor functionality. Canatu CNB™ heaters keep critical sensor surfaces clear for safe and autonomous driving in any weather.

CNB™ film based heaters offer even heating for ADAS sensor surfaces since the entire heated area is conductive.


Connected cars

3D formable & transparent with no haze

Canatu CNB™ heaters can be integrated into complex 3D surfaces by forming, molding and laminating. Thanks to optical properties and formability of the Canatu CNB™ film, sensors are fully functional even at 360 degrees or on fish eye view. The CNB™ -film based heaters has very low haze, which means the transmission light does not get fuzzy, which is essential when looking through the CNB™ heated surface.

Canatu heater demonstrator ice

Saves energy

Electric vehicles are very energy-conscious requiring light weight and low energy solutions. Direct surface integration and low weight structure of the CNB™ heater bring significant energy savings compared to the conventional way of heating the sensors where the air gets heated first (=waste heating) before the surface is heated. CNB™ heaters provide quick, efficient and even heat distribution which means the entire area remains clear and there are no local hot spots.

Canatu heating for led lights

Quick heat-up

CNB™ heaters provide fast heating for ADAS systems. As an example, an A5 -sized CNB™ Heater with 2,25mm thick PC cover can rise-up the surface temperature by 10C degrees in only 5,7 seconds and keep the surface warm during driving.

CNB™ heaters are also ultra thin, light and flexible with simple stack structure that is integrated within the cover lens, contributing to overall energy savings.

Automotive interiors

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