CNB™ thin-film heaters

For LiDAR sensors

Any-weather safe autonomous driving

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) systems provide precise 3D representation of the surveyed environment. They calculate distance to objects by measuring how long it takes for the laser beam to return after detecting the object in its path.

But the system performance degrades in adverse weather conditions. If the sensors get blocked by rain, fog or snow, LiDAR is unable to create an accurate 3D map of the measured data. CNB thin-film heaters keep critical LiDAR sensor surfaces clear from moisture and ice, enabling autonomous driving in any weather.

Low distortion

Conventional wire heaters cause wavefront distortion blocking the optical path of the light. High thermal gradient in cover lens can  also induce additional laser beam deflection decreasing the range of the scan.

Canatu ADAS heaters are based on CNB film featuring record-high transparency and conductivity, as well as ultra-low haze. CNB thin-film heaters are entirely wire-free enabling maximum transmittance at LiDAR optical path.

Even heating

Being a thin-film heater, the whole surface is conductive and therefore CNB heaters provide even heating across the entire surface.

CNB heaters are also super flexible: they can be fabricated in most any 3D shape enabling easy integration in LiDAR sensors that are embedded in the front bumper, emblem or other special parts. Due to 3D formability, CNB film heaters can cover a full field of view in 360° LiDAR sensors.

CNB thin-film heaters for LiDAR sensors are typically laminated on glass.

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