Canatu brings great ideas to life

Ideas are the genesis of technologies that change the world. Essential to realizing those ideas, however, is having curiosity and individual contributions come together into tangible real-world applications.

Canatu is a nanotechnology company making transformative products that impact the world around us. Emma Salmi, who leads the company’s Synthesis team, is a chemist by training. She completed her master’s degree and PhD at the University of Helsinki, which is where she first got into nanotechnology. Her team focuses on the process of synthesizing carbon nanotubes, and on how to tailor that process for customer applications while ensuring the highest-quality material.

Salmi comments the core values of collaboration and curiosity at Canatu as follows:

“The atmosphere of working together is really good. People help each other out to reach everyone’s goals. The amount of innovation and know-how is inspiring. ”

Emma Salmi, Head of Synthesis, Canatu

From theory to practice

As a very concretely minded person, Salmi especially appreciates seeing ideas being developed into actual products. She has an extensive background in academia, but academic work can be quite arbitrary. That’s what inspired her professional transition from academia to industry: becoming involved with turning all the innovation into actual usable products.

“What appeals to me is seeing the fruits of our work and seeing what can be done with it.”

Emma Salmi, Head of Synthesis, Canatu

The work at Canatu revolves around progress. Not just in the advancement of the various industries that make use of the company’s advanced carbon nanotubes, but also in the way that development takes place within the company. Planting the seed of progress starts with ideas that grow into breakthrough solutions.

According to Salmi, this is evident in the company’s daily reality, and the rate of innovation can be quite awe-inspiring to witness first-hand.

“It’s possible to see people early in the week and think that something is completely impossible; that we cannot do it. And then on Thursday, these amazing people come up with something that you were almost ready to write off.

Emma Salmi, Head of Synthesis, Canatu

Significant strides

Salmi remarks that the undeniable influence of Canatu’s technology may not be apparent to people in everyday life. This is because Canatu is an “ingredient company” whose material goes into other companies’ products, enabling transformation in several industries.

“What we are putting there is something you might see. You might not know about it, but you may still use it. It’s not an arbitrary thing or something in the lab, it’s present in your everyday life.”

Emma Salmi, Head of Synthesis, Canatu

Salmi thinks Canatu is a great environment for people who are passionate about science and making an impact, for those who are interested in building up the solutions of tomorrow and are committed to making them happen.

“The best thing about Canatu are the atmosphere and how amazing the people who have gathered here are. And being at the cutting edge of technology, it’s a motivator itself!”

Emma Salmi, Head of Synthesis, Canatu

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Samuel Dulay, R&D Scientist

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Taneli Juntunen, VP of Engineering, Canatu
Taneli Juntunen, VP Engineering

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The company is quite diverse with people of different nationalities and races. As a foreigner in Finland, you hear a lot about how difficult it can be to assimilate into a Finnish company or feel welcome at work. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find my colleagues at Canatu were very open and friendly. See my story.

Careers in nanotechnology at Canatu
Careers in nanotechnology

Canatu offers purpose-driven careers in nanotechnology for people building the future. We are driven by our passion to solve world-scale problems at the smallest scale imaginable – the nanoscale. At Canatu we think big and create massive impacts on the tiniest scale – nano solutions for positive impact. See more.

Careers in nanotechnology at Canatu, open positions
Career opportunities

Want to shape the future and change the world? At Canatu, we believe that systems, solutions and products can – and should – always be better. As a CNT Material Developer, we are at the forefront of creating something truly transformative and new. See open positions.

Careers in nanotechnology at Canatu, open positions
Values guide us

We would not be the innovative partner of forerunners without our curiosity to discover. That curiosity would not have turned to an evolving business without our commitment to achieve and ability to find partners with whom we engage in collaboration for impact. And our longevity and persistence derive from our so-called rocket fuel, the passion for progress. To our values.

carbon nanotube manufacturing
Purpose is our bedrock

What is it that drives us forward?  Carbon nanotubes, though small in size, enable true transformation in several industries. That is what we have captured in Our Purpose: Transforming products for better tomorrows with nano carbon. Read about the impact.