Canatu’s purpose guides us towards better tomorrows

Nano is where the magic happens here at Canatu. Our expertise takes place in the nanoscale. By definition, not big. Yet we see the potential for our impact as massive. And that the change in the world will be created through collaboration.

What is it that drives us forward? That reveals the greater value we aspire to, and helps our employees, collaborators and other stakeholders to connect their own actions to the bigger picture. Carbon nanotubes may be modest in size, yet they enable true transformation in several industries.

That is what we have captured in Our Purpose:

Transforming products for better tomorrows with nano carbon.

This is our bedrock. It’s why we do what we do. It puts into words what makes our work meaningful.

Are we changing the world?

We create things because we believe in change. Systems, solutions and products can – and often should – be better than they are today. Everyone in tech wants to change the world. It’s the spark that drives forerunner companies, distinguishing them from others.

As a CNT material developer, we are creating something transformative and new. Our core technology is at the heart of everything we do. Working with nano carbon brings together several building blocks for progress, and gives us a versatile and future-proof foundation. With it we position ourselves within great transformations in chosen industries. Ones that will also have an impact on everyday life.

This world-changing potential inspires us as Canatu employees, and makes our work relevant to our customers and stakeholders.

Transforming products

We work with some of the most interesting forerunner companies in the world. In their respective industries, they tap into the potential of new technologies. Our job is to show how CNT will facilitate breakthroughs. As you see, our purpose is not about being an excellent CNT company – it’s about the impact.

This is also how we differentiate from other CNT manufacturers. All carbon nanotubes are not alike nor are all CNT producers. At Canatu, we generate value by adapting our CNT to different uses and solutions that shape the future. In these cases, the carbon nanotubes’ consistent quality, performance and reliability are crucial.

Collaboration is vital in the process. We listen to the companies and apply our expertise to the challenges they are facing. We identify where in their system we fit and make a difference. Then we tailor our material to answer the challenge, leading to breakthroughs.  Transforming the product in the process.

CNT is like saffron in cooking. It has great value, and you only need a tiny amount for it to make a difference that influences the entire taste experience. Or in the case of carbon nanotubes, it is the breakthrough ingredient within the greater system, influencing the industry-changing impact by transforming products.

The forerunner companies we work with are transforming products in a way that transforms industries. With our CNT, we advance the transformation.

For better tomorrows

Why do we talk about better tomorrows in plural? As mentioned earlier, tech companies in general want to change the world. Each in their own way. We want to be more specific, saying we are transforming products for better tomorrows. The “better tomorrows” is about shaping a future that will be better for us, the people, and the planet.

Since we apply CNT to products that make waves in several industries, we influence many tomorrows. Instead of general change, we play a role in several industries and each tomorrow they advance.

With the car industry, we are involved in developing the reliability of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Autonomous driving is changing the whole car industry and everyday driving. ADAS technologies play a big role in making autonomous driving safer and more commonplace.

Together with other industry stakeholders in OEM-driven development programs, we focus on ADAS film heater products. We work side by side with system level integrators, glass companies and ADAS vendors. Our CNT adds an important ingredient to the entire system, the car, like saffron to an entire meal experience.

We enable autonomous driving in any weather with our film heaters for LiDARs and cameras.

In the semiconductor industry, the advances in EUV technology allows chipmakers to build increasingly sophisticated chips that fit more transistors onto each piece of silicon. This will power the next generation of electronic devices. The breakthrough is made possible by extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) machines used to pattern wafers, creating the most advanced chips in the world.

An instrumental element in the puzzle is the EUV pellicle. It is used to protect the mask from particles, enabling the next step in efficiency. Our EUV pellicles filter particles down to the nanoscale, keeping the masks operational.

In healthcare, our CNT has the potential to transform medical diagnostics by offering a rapid, accurate, affordable, and easy-to-use method for clinical analyses at the point-of-care. Our most advanced carbon nanotubes enable detecting extremely low traces of substances such as opioids. Through our highly developed expertise in functionalizing CNT with specific biorecognition elements, we leverage our technology towards a platform for tomorrow’s patient care.

A better future is made of many new advances in several industries – it is made of many better tomorrows, which are reached one day at a time.

Mari Makkonen Canatu VP Marketing and Communications
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