CNB™ film heaters

For ADAS camera sensors

Any-weather safe autonomous driving

Active safety systems in vehicles are rising rapidly. Cameras are used to detect objects, road signs and lane markings. They inform the driver of speed limit, warn if the vehicle is drifting out of its lane, and activate emergency breaking in case the collision is imminent.

But cameras are sensitive to weather. Sensors can get blocked by snow, frost or mist, obstructing the field of view. Accurate object detection is at risk. CNB film heaters keep critical sensor surfaces clear from moisture and ice, enabling autonomous driving in any weather.

Low distortion

CNB heaters are based on Canatu transparent conductive film which features record-high transparency to conductivity ratio and ultra-low haze.

Whereas conventional wire heaters can cause image distortion, CNB film heaters are fully wire-free and transparent at camera field of view enabling clear visibility with maximum transmittance. CNB is also color-neutral so it does not create unwanted color cast to an image.

All in all, CNB film heaters have minimal effect on camera image quality when measured with Modulation Transfer Function MTF. Camera image remains sharp and clear without blur, enabling accurate object detection and classification.

Even heating

Being a thin-film heater, the whole surface is conductive and therefore CNB heaters provide even heating across the entire, heated surface.

CNB heaters are also super flexible, and conform to most any 3D shape, covering the full field of view even in fish-eye camera sensors.

CNB thin-film heaters are typically embedded within glass as a sandwich structure.


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