The 7th PrintoCent Industry Seminar (PRINSE’22) will be held from June 8th to 9th 2022 in Oulu, Finland.

PRINSE’22 will gather the international printed intelligence community June 8 – 9, 2022, in Oulu for keynotes, roundtable discussions, technical sessions, exhibition, matchmaking, lab & company visits, and product demos covering topics from printed intelligence to system-level reliable, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for future products.

Structural electronics solutions integrated in glass, plastics, laminates and biomaterials will explode the variety of product creation.The event will provide visitors with the latest innovations in printed electronics while offering excellent setting for networking and matchmaking.

This year, the event is expecting over 200 company visitors internationally and over 50 industry speakers who will share their expertise.

Canatu will be represented by CTO Ilkka Varjos and CPO Tero Tolonen. Ilkka has been appointed the chair of session 5B: Enabling functional foils for structural integration, which will be held on Thursday. During this session, Tero will present Canatu CNT film heater technology for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Ilkka and Tero are also available for face-to-face meetings throughout the event.

09:20 – 11:00Session 5B: Enabling functional foils for structural integrationSpeakers
Session chair: Ilkka Varjos, CTO, Canatu
SmartMesh – a flexible and cost-effective alternative to ITOChristoph Hunger, Project leader R&D, Papierfabrik Louisenthal
Enabling autonomous driving in any weather with Canatu CNT ADAS heater solutionsTero Tolonen, Chief Product Officer, Canatu
Reconciling functional materials and imprinting process for wafer-level optics and photonicsJuha Pietarinen, Vice President, Inkron
Integration of R2R manufactured light guides for displaysSamuli Siitonen, CTO, Nanocomp
TBCDonald J. Davis, Kent Displays
Perovskite PV for IoT – displacing the environmental impact of single-use batteriesGerman Soto, Sauletech

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ADAS and autonomous driving are hot trends in the automotive industry, making driving safer and more enjoyable and paving the way towards fully autonomous driving.

ADAS solutions are based on understanding the environment in real time using sensors, such as cameras, LiDARs and radars. A challenge with the sensor solutions is that they are sensitive to weather. Fog, show, ice, or mist can block cameras and LiDAR lenses as well as deteriorate the radar signal path. Consequently, heating solutions are required to make the vision of autonomous driving in any weather a reality.

Different heating solutions exist and are widely used in the automotive industry. However, due to high optical and radio frequency (RF) requirements combined with the need to seamlessly integrate ADAS heating solutions into automotive designs, traditional heating solutions are often not suitable for ADAS solutions.

Canatu’s carbon nanotube (Canatu CNT) is a unique material, where a CNT network is deposited on PC or PET substrate turning non-conductive substrate into a conductive platform. The Canatu CNT transparent conductive film can then be further processed to create ADAS heater products and optimized for the ADAS signal paths delivering efficient and even heating performance with excellent optical performance in camera and LiDAR wavelengths.

The Canatu ADAS heaters can be tailored to customer designs and integrated to automotive glass surfaces (e.g., windshields) using existing glass lamination technologies or simply as a heater film laminated on a glass surface. Alternatively, Canatu ADAS heaters can be film insert molded to PC-based structural and decorative parts, such as grilles and emblems.

In this session, ADAS heater solutions and the demanding optical requirements of contemporary ADAS camera and LiDAR systems are discussed. Then, Canatu ADAS heater solutions are presented, covering optical, heating, and environmental performance as well as the flexible integration options in automotive surfaces and parts. Finally, future opportunities in ADAS heaters are proposed.


Mari Makkonen Canatu VP Marketing and Communications
Mari Makkonen
VP, Marketing & Communications +358 504 422 343

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